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Category Archives: Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing- Go Beyond Text Messages

As more and more consumers access information, shopping price comparisons and complete transactions using their mobile devices, it has become increasingly important for businesses to become and remain visible in this new marketing space. While mobile marketing initially meant text message ads, a wide range of technological options are available today for businesses to market […]

How to Convert Sales Using Mobile Marketing Techniques

Virtually all consumers carry some form of mobile device with them throughout their days; mobile phone, smart phone or tablet. When designing a mobile marketing plan for your business, first consider all of the available methods in which your organization can interact with potential customers; advertisements, web browsing, navigation, coupons/promotions/discount searches and price comparisons (prior […]

Boost Business with Text Message Marketing

How effective is your business at connecting with consumers while they’re on the go? Among the many mobile marketing techniques available to consider it text messaging. Sending marketing messages via text isn’t guaranteed to produce sales results, however by developing messaging that connects with the end-user, your revenues should increase. Here are five tips to […]

5 Tips for Engaging Mobile Customers

Everywhere you look there are individuals on their smartphones! Hand held mobile devices offer consumers so much more today than simple phone capabilities. Today, consumers utilize their mobile devices to search for information, to access directions to a point of interest and to complete purchases. App-savvy consumers expect businesses to deliver information on demand. Below […]

3 Tips for Jumpstarting Local Mobile Marketing Efforts

The rising use of mobile phones has created new opportunities for companies to deliver marketing messages to potential customers. Delivering the right messages, at the right times, is the name of the mobile marketing game. In an effort to accomplish these end goals, businesses are choosing to focus more of their campaign dollars on local […]

The Mobile First Strategy

Many businesses are starting to realize that having a mobile first strategy is really the only way to go in today’s market.  More people have mobile devices now than ever before and that number is always growing.  The people that do have mobile devices also have access to them at almost all hours of the […]

Mobile Marketing Projections

Mobile marketing is becoming too large and important for businesses to ignore.  Today, most people have access to, own, and use smartphones and other mobile devices.  Those that have these items also use them in business related manners that include buying things, reading items about businesses, and searching for information on a variety of products.  […]

B2B Mobile Marketing

The mobile evolution has been growing for quite some time and organizations and businesses have started to expand in their business to business or B2B mobile marketing plans.  At first, B2B marketers did not make mobile options a priority, but now, they are starting to shift to make it one of the top priorities.  Mobile […]

Mobile Marketing for Business

If you have owned a business for any length of time, you probably know that internet marketing is something you almost have to do in order to succeed in the business world today.  You see a lot of internet marketing yourself in your inbox, through social media and in other areas.  So how do you […]

Mobile Marketing Average Conversion Rates

Mobile marketing has become more important to businesses that want to grow and change with the times.  Since more customers are adopting smartphones, mobile advertising has many more ranges today than it did even last year.  With push notifications, mobile app ads, SMS, social media and much more, the variety in mobile advertising has never […]