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Author Archives: Julie Andrews

No, not "that Julie Andrews". Trust me, I get it all the time... Business marketing is truly a fascinating area. Over the past 5 years new methodologies and tactics have really taken off. Its especially important for B2B marketers to evolve and use these new tools to remain competitive. Myself, along with the team at is here to help educate and advise you every step of the way.
5 Social Media Marketing Best Practices for Newbie Entrepreneurs

If you are launching a new business venture, social media is a great place to focus your initial marketing efforts. Social media is a cost effective, dynamic marketing solution that yields results for all types of businesses. Consider these 5 strategies when developing and launching your social media marketing plan: Develop a Plan– What social […]

Finding The Customer Through Marketing Analytics

Finding your target audience is always important when starting out in any business as you need to know how you will market your product. This is where marketing analytics comes in as it can help define them far more easily. Using data and statistics it can help focus your campaign efforts far more effectively. Demographics […]

Using Pinterest’s Marketing Analytics

Until recently, the world’s third largest social network didn’t offer what many businesses were seeking- marketing analytics specific to the platform. Now, businesses using the platform for connecting with consumers and for marketing purposes can gather and analyze critical metrics for online activity.  What is Pinterest? What is Pinterest? It is a platform that enables […]

The Best Strategies For Using Marketing Analytics

As you structure your marketing campaign for you and your business, you need to start by planning the ideal strategy to use. With organization you should be able to create your own ideal schedule with which you can work from. Using guidelines gives your campaign a direction to focus upon. In order to manage this […]

How do you Know if your Social Media Marketing Campaign is Working?

Virtually all successful businesses have implemented some form of social media marketing campaign. Whether they Tweet, post updates to their blogs, post content on their Facebook Wall, post photographs to Instagram or do all of the above, the ultimate goal of each of these activities is to drive lead production and to convert leads to […]

How to Capitalize on the Top 4 Forms of Sharable Content

One of the goals of any purposeful marketing initiative is to create content that is deemed sharable by your target audience. In a matter of moments, sharable content stands to be shared with millions of other individuals through a few clicks. What Types of Content are Considered Sharable? Sharable content often establishes brand authority; it […]

The Future Of Lead Generation And Advertising

As time goes on and technology progresses at an exponential rate, so to does the number of opportunities. This has never been truer than that regarding the process of lead generation. Having evolved and transformed over the years, the ability to market to your target audience has been undergoing some exciting changes. This growth in […]

Social Media- Getting your Start

If you are new to the social media space or are a new business, consider starting with the basics. Establish profiles, upload content and begin to build your lists of friends and followers. Interact with your community and establish a presence on each of the social media platforms; Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Post a […]

5 Tips for Engaging Mobile Customers

Everywhere you look there are individuals on their smartphones! Hand held mobile devices offer consumers so much more today than simple phone capabilities. Today, consumers utilize their mobile devices to search for information, to access directions to a point of interest and to complete purchases. App-savvy consumers expect businesses to deliver information on demand. Below […]