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Social Media Marketing

Social Media- Getting your Start

If you are new to the social media space or are a new business, consider starting with the basics. Establish profiles, upload content and begin to build your lists of friends and followers. Interact with your community and establish a presence on each of the social media platforms; Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Post a variety of content designed to engage your followers, fans and friends. Blog and article posts, links to quality content posted on other websites, quotes, research articles and statistics, photographs, videos, infographics, product updates and promotional content/opportunities/coupons are just a few of the post types you should consider developing for your business. Staying in front of your audience is one of the most important considerations when engaging on social media platforms. But it is important to think beyond simple posts; don’t spam your audience! Instead, work to provide quality information on an ongoing basis.

Laying a solid social media foundation can set your company up for success when you choose to upgrade to paid advertising options. Once you have established an audience that engages regularly with your organization, consider upgrading to paid advertising. Starting paid options before you have a captive audience is unlikely to yield the type of conversion results you are after.

Regardless of how you choose to market via social media platforms, keep in mind that the entire process is largely trial and error. Track each marketing campaign’s results, analyze your data regularly, tweak as needed, and repeat.

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