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Mobile Marketing

5 Tips for Engaging Mobile Customers

Everywhere you look there are individuals on their smartphones! Hand held mobile devices offer consumers so much more today than simple phone capabilities. Today, consumers utilize their mobile devices to search for information, to access directions to a point of interest and to complete purchases. App-savvy consumers expect businesses to deliver information on demand.

Below are 5 simple tips for engaging customers using mobile marketing techniques:

  1. Create Mobile Friendly Emails– Emails should include a simple subject line designed to grab the attention of the consumer. The content of the email message should include the business’s name, what’s being offered and the call to action; what are you asking or expecting the consumer to do? Emails should be designed for mobile devices; if the consumer is required to click links in order to access messages or information from your site, they are likely to click away. Information must be formatted for readability on the mobile device itself in addition to from your site. In most cases, if you design for mobile first then web, content is compatible.
  2. Put Information at your Customer’s Fingertips– Some of the most sought after information from consumers on the go are a retail location’s house, locations and directions. This information should be front and center, easy to find and accurate. In addition, many consumers access pricing information while in a retail location for comparison. Again, make sure that this information is easily accessible. If mobile users cannot locate the information they’re searching for, your business is likely to lose a sales opportunity.
  3. Entire Consumers to Join your Business’s Lists– Chances are that when a consumer enters your physical business location, they will be carrying some kind of mobile device. Invite customers to join your contact list through sending a text message or scanning a QR Code. Post these invites in high traffic areas, such as changing rooms, customer service kiosks and at the register check-out. To sweeten the deal, offer a discount on the spot, a free gift or a VIP experience for joining your mailing list while in your location.
  4. Invite Connection– Build your business’s list of fans and followers by cross pollenating marketing efforts. Encourage current customers to ‘like’ your business’s Facebook page, to ‘follow’ you on Twitter or to opt-in to an email or newsletter list. Include links to each of your social media profiles in all of your marketing communication; email, newsletter, on each social media page and in all print materials. If you are looking for a boost in leads, offer an incentive to encourage new prospects to ‘like’ or ‘follow’ you.
  5. Partner with Location Based Services– If your business has a physical location, be sure to connect with and offer deals and incentives through programs such as Where, Foursqaure and Gowalla.

Consumers are now able to interact with businesses in a variety of ways; offline and online. To stay in front of your ideal prospects, be sure to remain visible and to engage them in as many ways and formats possible.

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