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Content Marketing: How to Generate Warm Leads

Social media isn’t going away.  No one questions whether or not social media is an experiment.  In the last decades, it has emerged as more than a fact of life and has become a major player on the global stage.  Social media has played a role, often of shocking size, in not just social life but in economics and politics on a global scale.  Like nothing before it, social media has served to make the world feel smaller.  People around the world interact, do business and even develop real world friends.  Social media, like boats, trains, planes, the telegraph, the telephone, the computer and mobile has served to shrink the globe.

Is Social Media the Answer for Generating Warm Leads?

No doubt social media is remarkably important, but we are often still left wondering which of the social media juggernauts are the most effective for driving B2B leads?  Social media isn’t free, as it requires, if nothing else, a considerable investment in time and/or resources in order to used effectively.  With this in mind it is best to have a focused B2B lead generating strategy in place if one expects to see optimal results.


With all of that stated, social media can be quite effective in generating leads.  LinkedIn is unique when it comes to generating leads when it comes to B2B leads.  The reason is that LinkedIn is an impressive and vast collection of business professionals from across the economic spectrum.  The tone is more serious, professional and results oriented.  Now with that stated, it is important to remember that every business is different. Just because LinkedIn is often a good source for B2B leads that doesn’t mean it will be for you.  In short, it all depends on your company.

Face-to-Face, Webinars and More

It is safe to state that most of the time social media, while potentially very useful, will be far less effective than more “old fashioned” approaches such as webinars and executive events where you can actually look a lead in the eye.  With the tremendous focus on all things digital, it is often easy for us to overlook these old ways, but face-to-face contact worked very well for a very long time, so try it!  Sometimes even telemarketing can still work if forearmed with the right information.

It’s Tough to Beat Referrals and Cross Promotions

Warm leads don’t have to be a tricky and labyrinthine affair, for example, if you have a way to generate customer referrals, you should seize on that opportunity immediately!  Customer referrals stand as one of the single greatest B2B lead generating opportunities there is.  Yet the value of referrals is often overlooked.  Customer referrals come with built in trust.  Why would you not want to receive one?

Cross promotions with other businesses can, like a customer referral, money in the bank.  Cross promotions afford you an easy, quick and cost effective way to reach new customers that you might not otherwise ever reach, and that is very exciting!  If you plan your cross promotions effectively, you’ll be able to tap into an audience that should have a built in interest in your product.


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