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Social Media Marketing

Build or Rebuild your Business’s Brand through Social Media Marketing

Whether you are establishing a new business concept or simply looking to give your current one a boost, social media marketing may have the magic you need. While email marketing certainly has its place in an organization’s overall online marketing campaign, the game continues to change. Even establishing social media profiles isn’t enough to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. To build your brand, renew customer interest in your organization or to simply boost sales, consider implementing one or more of the following social media marketing strategies:

  • Make Customers Part of your Social Media Story- Keep your followers up to date about your business’s ups and downs. Ask for feedback on new product launches; consider employing surveys to gather information and feedback. Offer incentives, giveaways and sweepstakes for customer participation. Consider sharing customer testimonials, case studies, questions and commentary across your social media profiles. Keeping current customers engaged with your business increases the likelihood that you will receive ongoing, repeat business.
  • Have Fun with your Posts– You can certainly post deals, coupons and incentives to your social media accounts. But, you can also have a little fun; be creative. Post quotes, jokes, relevant article links, and pictures. If your business warrants additional creativity, consider creating a Pinterest account where you can post pictures, ideas, and do-it-at-home activities. The sky is the limit; don’t limit your posts to the expected.
  • Drive Business Results with Posts– Focus on providing valuable information to your social media followers. For example, if your business has a mobile food truck, be sure to regularly post where it will be as well as when it is there. You never know who will check their newsfeed at precisely the right moment, or who is looking for a tasty snack in the same vicinity as your food truck. If you own a restaurant, be sure to post pictures and descriptions of daily specials or new dishes; foodies love this! And if you are a brick and mortar business, be sure to post information on new shipment arrivals on popular stock items, and/or sale descriptions. You can also offer special hours and or discounts for ‘liking’ or following your business’s profiles; exclusivity is often a successful strategy for driving business results.
  • Track Results– If you choose to offer discounts via social media platforms, be sure to embed codes so that you can track where your new customers or incremental business is originating from. If things are working, be sure to continue them. However, if you aren’t getting the level of results you are seeking from a particular idea or technique, modify it slightly and try again. Much of social media marketing is trial and error.

Through social media marketing, you can not only establish a brand presence, but you can re-engage current customers in an effort to boost revenues.

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