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Author Archives: Kristine Michaelson

Kristine is a great marketing strategist who has been contributing to since our humble beginnings in 2009. She is a great researcher and enjoys writing about multiple B2B marketing channels.
How Marketing Analytics Can Help Your Business

Every business needs to make itself heard, regardless of its size, and this is where marketing comes into practice. Finding the right approach, therefore, is essential when looking to promote your venture to a wider audience. A better campaign means more customers and, ultimately, more profit. This needs to be actualized though, which means getting […]

Do your Social Media Posts Annoy or Engage?

Social media platforms provide an amazing opportunity for businesses to engage with consumers. However, posts intended to engage prospects may intend to the opposite. If your social media efforts are annoying prospects and your current customers, you run the risk of losing business. Are your Posts Annoying? Some posts will annoy a pocket of the […]

3 Keys to a Successful Mobile Coupon Strategy

Coupons that can be redeemed directly via a consumer’s mobile device are rising in popularity! How can your business capitalize on this relatively new trend? As you begin to develop or redevelop your current mobile coupon strategy, consider the keys to success outlined below. Create Mobile-Friendly Coupons– There are three basic mobile coupon formats; text, […]

Different Types Of Marketing Analytics

When looking to create a marketing campaign for both you and your business, you will need to take account everything that’s on offer. Looking into all the various possibilities will allow you to get a better idea of how to best manage campaign. This is especially the case when it comes to analytics, as you need […]

3 Steps to Successful Marketing Analytics

Is your marketing campaign’s ROI on target? Which marketing initiatives are yielding the best return on investment for your organization? Using marketing analytics, you can track, review, and analyze your current marketing campaign’s effectiveness. To gain the greatest benefit from marketing analytics, you must use an assortment of measurement techniques, assess your current capabilities and […]

The 5 Biggest Twitter Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

When most people first use Twitter, they are left feeling as though this tool is remarkably easy to use and implement into their marketing strategy.  However, the truth is that if you accidentally misuse Twitter, you may actually be doing more harm than good. Twitter is an amazing tool for marketing your products and services, […]

Revamp your Marketing Analytics in 3 Easy Steps

Do you know how many clicks your website’s pages receive on an average day? How long do new leads stay on pages, and which pages do they remain on the longest? There’s really no excuse for a business not to collect and analyze their marketing analytics! Without access to this information, how can you make […]

Paid Social Media Posts- Should you or Shouldn’t You?

Advertising is everywhere! Interrupting our favorite television shows, plastered on billboards around town, popping up when we click on websites, surrounding anything we read online and even embedded within shows, webinars and other broadcasted characterized as ‘product placements’. While some advertisements are bold and blatant, others are much more subtle in nature. As more and […]

The Methodology of Choosing a Lead Strategy

You understand lead generation and have heard it spoken about before, but don’t really know where to begin when getting down to the basic tactics. It can easily seem overwhelming at first when looking at all the various different approaches to take. The thing is you need not feel this way as it really is […]