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Revamp your Marketing Analytics in 3 Easy Steps

Do you know how many clicks your website’s pages receive on an average day? How long do new leads stay on pages, and which pages do they remain on the longest? There’s really no excuse for a business not to collect and analyze their marketing analytics! Without access to this information, how can you make educated decisions about the direction of your marketing efforts?

Whether you need to begin tracking marketing analytics or simply need to give your systems a revamp, the steps outlined below are sure to improve your data’s accuracy and the results seen from your ongoing marketing efforts.

  1. E-Commerce Platforms– Consider switching your ecommerce platform to one that focuses their efforts on analyzing user-engagement. Interfaces offered on platforms such as Shopify and Highwire provide the ability for businesses to design customer rewards programs, discounts and promotions.
  2. Manage Social Media Conversations– One of your primary marketing goals should be to drive interest in the content published on your company’s blog/website, Facebook newsfeed, Twitter account and Instagram (if applicable). If you are looking for a platform to help you compile marketing analytics data from these various social media platforms, consider an all-inclusive service such as Hubspot. Not only will you be able to launch marketing programs directly from the platform, you can quickly review to determine which efforts are producing results and which are not. Business owners and leaders can review this information immediately upon logging in via their easy to use dashboard interface. While much of these tasks could be performed manually, many businesses find that outsourcing these tasks frees up valuable time to focus on offline marketing efforts and client service needs.
  3. Merge Online and Offline Marketing Analytics– Virtually every business engages in both offline and online marketing activities, yet fails to merge analytics data about each of their campaigns to assess the effectiveness of each. How can you decipher where to place marketing dollars next year if you can’t accurately determine which activities (offline or online) are producing the best level of results for your business? Compiling analytics data for all of your organization’s marketing activities can be cost prohibitive for many small businesses. However, simple solutions such as offering emailed sales receipts can provide one method for turning an in-store customer’ s information into an accessible digital format. If your business offers traditional punch cards or loyalty programs, consider turning that activity into a digital format. Platforms such as RewardLoop enable customers to scan or enter information printed on their in-store receipts into an online points program. This system provides customers with a similar discount incentive program while offering your business a method for collecting and organizing additional purchasing history information.

The 3 simple steps outlined above will help revamp or re-energize your current marketing analytics process. With access to detailed and accurate marketing information, you are placing yourself in a stronger position to drive revenue results.

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