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Lead Generation

B2B Leads: What Social Media Sites are Most Effective?

When it comes to B2B marketing, absolutely nothing is as important as lead generation.  If you don’t have leads then eventually you may not have any business at all.  Leads are the lifeblood of all business.

Don’t Try to “Blanket” the World

The Internet is a big, really, really big place, so don’t try to cover it all.  The odds are that not everyone will be interested in or have the money to buy your goods and/or services.  Focus your efforts in the direction that is most likely to lead to those who will be interested in your goods or services. Like much in life, focus is key.

Realize That Leads Can Come from Anywhere

Yes, focus is important, but it is also important to realize that leads can come from just about anywhere.  Whether its website optimization, the use of social media, articles or that bus stop bench ad you took out, leads flow in from many different directions.  Here is the important part: you can drive yourself a little insane trying to figure it all out.  So be careful and slowly crunch the numbers that come in as there might be a pattern.  Summed up another way, you can work towards a laser-like focused and clear B2B lead generation strategy, but the process of generating leads is likely to be a complex one with many factors.

With all of this stated, that doesn’t mean you are helpless.  There are definitive steps that you can take to boost your B2B leads.  The first step is to remember that the old days of “being on the web” are long, long gone! 

Just like having a website no longer means that people will find you on the Internet, the same holds true for having a social media page.  Social media is like being single and determined to land a significant other: you have to get out there and work for it!  If you want to reach people online through social media, then that means you have to get very busy.

Now getting busy by itself isn’t enough.  Getting noticed in the realm of social media means contributing to the collective conversation in a useful manner.  It also means contributing new and valuable information, even if you have to pay someone else to figure out what that means, which brings us to our next point.

Don’t Try to Do it All Yourself

Using social media for B2B purposes can be very time consuming.  The solution?  One good solution for many is to find a reliable digital assistant to do the social media “heavy lifting” for you!  Now let’s get to picking the right social media site for you.

Your Results May Vary

Your business and what it does may play a role in which sites are most effectively for you ultimately.  That means you may need to experiment.  In general, LinkedIn is a good place for most companies begin, as it is more business focused and professional.  Usually, there is less “background noise” and distractions.  This factor increases your B2B chances of success.  Additionally, Facebook can be effective as well; just don’t forget to give people a way to sign up for your newsletter.

Regardless of whatever social media site you use, please remember to direct your social media friends over to your website; after all, that is where all the “action” really is.  Your key marketing messages and call to action regarding how to buy or work with you are, hopefully, clearly laid out on your website!

Bonus Tips

Finally, here are a few bonus ideas: join groups, update your blog often, add videos when possible, consider having an explainer video created about your goods and/or services, host a webinar, be friendly, respond promptly to messages and don’t forget to track your results.

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