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B2B Marketing

How to Create a Sure-Fire Content Strategy

How marketing messages reach people have changed.  As a result, it is vital that marketers understand the critical importance of adapting to a new and rapidly evolving marketing reality.  A variety of technologies are intersecting, and with this change comes both new ways of interacting with content and new opportunities.  Mobile is altering how people interact with the entire world and, as a result, marketers need to focus on the optimal ways to reach mobile users.

Mobile isn’t Just About Mobile

The bottom line is that mobile is much more complex and multifaceted than just a person holding a phone.  Today’s smartphones are mobile computers and communication devices that usually work with a degree of fluidity and interactivity that was the stuff of science fiction just a decade ago.  All of this means that mobile marketing is also intertwined with social media and even email marketing.  Why?  The reason is that people are constantly using their mobile devices for almost every aspect of their business and personal lives.  It is no joke or overstatement that people literally sleep her phones and other mobile devices within arm’s reach.  This means that mobile always needs to be factored in when you are conceiving and designing your marketing messages.  Creating a sure-fire content strategy thus has to take mobile into account.

Since people will be viewing your marketing messages on their phones, it is vital that all marketing messages are optimized for mobile.  In short, you must assume that users will be using their mobile devices to view your content whether that content is social media marketing, email marketing or focused on mobile itself.   Your message, whatever form it takes, must work smoothly and in an intuitive fashion on mobile devices.

Don’t Neglect the Power of Titles

Compelling article titles are of vital importance for creating a sure-fire content strategy.  The reason is that consumers on their mobile phones have limited “screen real estate,” and that means compelling and motivational article titles are more important and critical than they would be on a larger screen.  Mobile users and desktop and laptop users alike now skim more than ever.  A bold and compelling article title is a must if you want your content to be viewed!  Again, with all the competition out there, you need to convince a potential reader that you have something to offer.  You may only have a split second to do it! 

Compelling Images

Nowadays, great images are just as important as written content.  Whether your images are graphics, photos, logos or artwork, it is essential that they are professional, but also that they work in unison with one another in a fluid fashion.  Capturing attention in today’s digital realm means a smooth and polished presentation.  No aspect of presentation can be seen as weak or lacking.  After all, we aren’t living in 2000 anymore.

Use Keywords Thoughtfully

Keyword stuffing is lethal, so you should avoid it.  There days it isn’t just the search engines that recognize and penalize for keyword stuffing.  Readers have become very savvy about fluffy keyword stuffed articles that fail to impart information or value.  Resist the temptation to stuff, and you’ll be rewarded!  Focus on quality.  Consumers and visitors will respond positively. 


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