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B2B Marketing

Making Your Content More Interactive

Interactive is not a buzzword.  There was a time, not that long ago, where people thought interactivity was “overrated” and a even a fad.  Recent years and developments have clearly shown that interactivity isn’t just a part or aspect of the future of marketing, but is, in fact, an integral, evolving and enduring part of entertainment and marketing.  Interactivity, or at least the option of interactivity, is slowly becoming nothing short of the norm.  People are expecting to see interactivity in some form online, on their television sets and even in the marketing messages they see.  The future is interactivity, pure and simple.

How does this bold and apparently unstoppable trend towards interactivity impact mobile marketing and social media marketing marketing?  Capturing consumer attention has become more challenging in recent years.  Savvy marketers have found a solution in the form of gamification. 

Gamification Engages Attention

Through gamification, it is possible to do more than just offer up content designed to provide marketing messages.  It is now possible to offer consumers more than a free download, but a free download that is interactive and dynamic. 

How does it all work?  Essentially, gamification gives your online users (and mobile users) interactive games.  These games can be paired with real life prizes and offerings designed to spark interest and even build brand loyalty.  If a consumer is playing your game and thinking about winning something, then he or she is interacting with and thinking about your brand.  You have a unique opportunity to present information about products and services. 

Gamification offers up something quite new and quite bold in the world of mobile marketing and social media marketing as well.  Providing consumers with free games that may even offer prizes and discount will definitely generate much more attention than a simple, static message.  If for no other reason, games, especially if designed correctly, have replay value. 

One company that is a much cited early adopter of gamification is  It provides users with intriguing and interactive questions about how they would react in different situations involving personal finance. 

Keep in mind, if consumers are playing your game there is very little chance they will be thinking about your competitor’s product or service!  Gamification can be a game changer and there is no reason that you shouldn’t take advantage of all that gamification has to offer.

Say Goodbye to Yesterday’s White Papers

Another way to make your online, mobile or social media marketing more interactive and thus effective is to alter your approach to white papers.  By opting for an interactive design featuring animation, video, audio and more, you have a much greater chance of grabbing a consumer’s attention and holding it.  A bold approach in all of your marketing messages will make a tremendous difference, so be ready to rethink and retool your approach to white papers.

A good deal of making content more interactive is to think about how content makes users feel and respond.  Asking lots of questions and telling an engaging and memorable story is certainly a way to impart a good deal of information and a strong message.  There is a lot of competition for attention in mobile and social media marketing.  The more interesting, interactive and engaging your marketing materials, the better your results will be.

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