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Author Archives: Kristine Michaelson

Kristine is a great marketing strategist who has been contributing to since our humble beginnings in 2009. She is a great researcher and enjoys writing about multiple B2B marketing channels.
Social Media Advertising

When you first started advertising your business online, you likely simply bought some banner ads and that was all there was to it.  Today, however, advertisers need to draw their audiences in so they can engage with the overall brand.  This can be done in a number of different ways, but social media is one […]

Mobile Marketing Projections

Mobile marketing is becoming too large and important for businesses to ignore.  Today, most people have access to, own, and use smartphones and other mobile devices.  Those that have these items also use them in business related manners that include buying things, reading items about businesses, and searching for information on a variety of products.  […]

Tips for Launching an Online PR Campaign

Does your B2B organization currently have an effective online PR program? Online platforms offer many of the same benefits as a traditional PR campaign, yet they are often less costly to launch and they reach a broader prospect base. Who are you Influencing via Online PR Campaigns? When putting together online PR campaigns, your goal […]

The B2B Lead Generation Process: A Primer On How It Works

Sales are important for any business. This is how businesses thrive and become successful. However, the art of selling has suffered tremendous changes during the years, and now terms such as Lead Generation are on any marketer’s lips. But what is B2B Lead Generation and how does it work? A short definition Lead Generation represents […]

Top Benefits of Online Advertising

The world of advertising has changed drastically in the last few years. Newspapers all over the world have disappeared due to a lack of advertising revenue. And direct mail advertising has decreased substantially, contributing to the woes of the post office. The need for goods and services hasn’t decreased during that same time, so where […]

Exploring Search Engine Optimization Basics

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a keyword that’s heard often in the marking industry. While the generalized definition of this term is well-understood, the finer points of good SEO are nearly impossible to pin down. To succeed, internet marking tactics need to be fluid and changeable. Social media sites that are powerful and relevant […]

Customer Experience

Most companies believe that they can deliver a greater customer experience than other similar companies.  The problem is that most customers do not agree with that statement.  If a company is disconnected from its customers, it could lose out on profits, relationships, and many other important business aspects. Often, the larger market share a company […]

Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy is one of the major elements that make marketing efforts fail or thrive.  Pricing is important because it is also related to product positioning.  It affects all other elements of the marketing like the features of the product, the promotions around the item, and other such decisions.  There is no single formula to […]

Mobile Measurement is Facing Multiple Challenges

If you’re like many CMOs out there, you are working on a mobile strategy. A successful mobile campaign depends on reliable metrics to provide guidance towards accurate messaging and delivery. According to the IAB, the state of mobile measurement is challenged by a host of “serious methodological and technological limitations”. The IAB says “consumer mobile […]