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Social Media Marketing

Designing Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Mobile Devices

Today, the vast majority of consumers interact with brands via their mobile devices. Businesses looking to remain competitive must not only be accessible via mobile platforms, but cater to the end-users looking to access information using their hand held devices.

Here are 5 easy tips for optimizing your social media content for mobile devices:

Be Strategic about the Timing of your Posts– According to data collected by marketing firm Socialbakers, new content posted to Facebook see the most traction for 30 minutes following the posting. To capture the most engagement and to see the best traction from posts, consider where your followers and friends will be at various times throughout their days. For example, if your business sells coffee and breakfast items, promotional codes and posts will not be effective after the morning rush. But, posts of this nature placed strategically during the business morning rush hours are likely to drive incremental business to your establishment.

Add Value to the Mobile Experience– If your end-user is forced to click a variety of links or to download apps in order to see or read your business’s content via their mobile device, they are likely to click away. Spend time ensuring that interactions with your business via a mobile device are simple and easy. Mobile device users are seeking to access information with a simple click…..

Design for Mobile First- Photos, font and imagery should be designed for access via a mobile device. Users will be turned off if they are forced to expand their viewing field to simply review information offered on your site. When creating content that will appear via mobile and your primary site, design for mobile first; it will translate to your site seamlessly. When designing the other way around, glitches and issues often arise.

Test Across Multiple Platforms– Be sure to test access to your site’s content across multiple cell platforms for quality and consistency; iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Coding may need to be adjusted slightly in order for your content to appear perfectly across all primary mobile device platforms.

Review Analytics– The only way you will know if a marketing campaign is effective is if you track your results. Test prior to launching campaigns or new content, analyze results, optimize current campaigns or make adjustments based upon the information provided by your analytics, modify or delete marketing campaigns, then repeat the process.

Creating a website that can be accessed via a standard mobile device isn’t sufficient in today’s competitive consumer marketplace. Your organization must work to connect with the end-buyer where they are; and today’s consumer accesses and acts on information via their mobile device. Utilize the tips above to create or modify your current mobile device marketing campaign in an effort to improve revenues.

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