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Mobile Marketing

The Mobile First Strategy

Many businesses are starting to realize that having a mobile first strategy is really the only way to go in today’s market.  More people have mobile devices now than ever before and that number is always growing.  The people that do have mobile devices also have access to them at almost all hours of the day.  This makes them very important in the world of advertising and communication as a whole.

For decades, TV was the king in terms of making a first impression on consumers.  Even when the internet first came onto the scene, TV still held first place for a long time.  Today, however, it is time for businesses to embrace a whole new reality.  Mobile devices are now consumer’s very first stop when they need messages or information.

Mobile devices allow people to do a number of things at the same time.  They can be watching TV and looking up information.  They can be out shopping and comparing prices online.  The options are limitless.  While they are learning, researching, buying, sharing and doing any number of other things, some companies have figured out that they can also be processing ads from brands, products or services.  This type of exposure can no longer be ignored and companies that have mobile first strategies often do very well.

What does all of this mobile motion mean for a business?  Quite a few different things.  If you are are a marketer, for example, if you are not using a mobile first strategy, you are not serving your customers as well as you could.  The mobile world is growing and expanding everyday while other advertising outlets are starting to shrink.  A good modern mobile marketing campaign can survive when other campaigns shrivel away.  These campaigns, therefore, should be considered first and not last.

If your company sells a particular brand, you need to get on your own mobile device and see how widely spread your brand is in the mobile world.  If you do not have a very good base for relevancy in the mobile world, you need to create one.  If you have a website, make sure you are mobile friendly so people can look up your information on their mobile devices.  These websites need to be simple, accessible, clean and they also need to give any visitor an enjoyable and relevant experience.  Once you have that site in place, you can start to work your way onto mobile devices across the country.

In order to create a marketing campaign that really works, your business needs to stay up with the times and utilize the mobile first strategy.  There is only so much money to go around within a marketing budget.  When you use it in the mobile world first, you will see how much farther it, and your business, can really go.

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