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Mobile Marketing

3 Tips for Jumpstarting Local Mobile Marketing Efforts

The rising use of mobile phones has created new opportunities for companies to deliver marketing messages to potential customers. Delivering the right messages, at the right times, is the name of the mobile marketing game. In an effort to accomplish these end goals, businesses are choosing to focus more of their campaign dollars on local markets as opposed to national.


There are a number of factors to consider when creating an effective local mobile marketing campaign. Consider these 3 tips as you develop and implement your company’s campaign:


  1. Pin Point Locations– Location data is available in a number of formats; geo-tagging from wireless devices to user-inputted zip codes. When developing a local mobile marketing campaign, it is important to pinpoint not only specific locations, but which data you are reviewing and considering. The accuracy of location data isn’t always spot-on. Geo-tagging is considered to be the best for basing marketing campaigns upon.
  2. Implement Geofencing– This technique enables advertisers to create a virtual fence around a specific geographic area. The purpose of this fence is to provide mobile device alerts whenever consumers enter the defined area. In order to receive alerts, consumers must select to opt-in to the service which permits their location to be shared. Businesses can elect to offer coupons, discounts and other promotions to consumers who are within the defined area. This local marketing option also poses the potential to target market to consumers attending certain events. For example, you could choose to send a concessions discount to anyone attending a sporting event or conference. Or, if your business is within close proximity to one of these events, offer a discount for purchases made the same business day.
  3. Accept Trade Offs– When choosing to focus your marketing efforts on local consumers, there is going to be some give and take. Whenever you narrow your focus on specific consumer characteristics, your marketing reach will be smaller. For example, if you are choosing to focus on artists within a specific age demographic who reside or work in the downtown area, you may only reach a handful of individuals. While you will be targeting your ideal end customers, your overall reach won’t be as great in terms of the number of new prospects created or contacted.


The mobile marketing advertising game is ever-changing. In order to remain relevant, continue to modify your campaign to include improvements in technology. Tracking each campaign’s results will be increasingly important. Be sure to continue campaigns proving fruitful, and modify or eliminate those that are not.

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