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Category Archives: Mobile Marketing

3 Statistics That Will Change How You Think About Mobile Engagement

You want to engage your mobile visitors.  After all, engagement leads to sales, new customers and, of course, a boost in revenue.  Mobile is more important than ever, as every year more Internet users are dependent upon mobile for how they experience the web.  In this article, we will look at 3 statistics that will […]

Mobile Marketing Tips Every Business Should Know

Mobile marketing is growing by leaps and bounds.  As mobile devices become more capable and user friendly, our love and dependency upon them continues to grow.  The future is very bright for mobile marketing, and business that take steps today to make certain that they have a focused strategy will be rewarded tomorrow. Mobile Marketing […]

Is Your Content Optimized for Mobile?

Not mobilizing your content for mobile in this day and age is a marketing sin!  The number of people worldwide with mobile phones is skyrocketing, but that is only part of the story.  According to Forrester, by 2020 an amazing 20% of all sales will take place on mobile devices.  Mobile isn’t just here to […]

Five Mobile Marketing Strategies That Rarely Miss

A strategy that rarely misses?  That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?  No matter what industry you are in, a mobile marketing strategy that is sure to generate results sounds quite appealing.  In this article, we are going to dive into five strategies are sure to do more than garner attention, they will get big and […]

10 Tips for Locating Customers Using Mobile Marketing

Today, nearly every consumer carries one or more hand held mobile devices with them throughout their day. To connect with these end consumers, businesses need to employ mobile marketing campaigns that engage and inspire these individuals to take action. But first, businesses must locate their target consumers. Here are 10 tips for locating consumers using […]

Why Marketers Need to Know About Apple Passbook

Apple has a way of getting attention.  Certainly no one can argue that fact considering the wide array of “hits” under the company’s belt.  Now with Apple Passbook, they have developed a way to grab the attention of consumers in a new way.  What is Passbook?  Passbook is a application in iOS that is quite […]

Join Pinterest to Boost your Business’s Online Presence

While numerous social media platforms make launch attempts every year, only a few become mainstream business tools. One that has recently hit the ground running is Pinterest. If your business hasn’t yet embraced this platform as part of its larger social media marketing campaign; it is time! You may initially be thinking; great, yet another […]

Mobile Device Marketing-5 Tips for Proper QR Code Usage

QR Codes seem to be everywhere! These are the boxy barcodes embedded in store windows, on marketing publications, on product packaging and in some cases, on television commercials. Consumers gain access to discounts and information when they scan them…..ultimately providing a business with another method of brand engagement. Here are five simple tips for utilizing […]

3 Keys to a Successful Mobile Coupon Strategy

Coupons that can be redeemed directly via a consumer’s mobile device are rising in popularity! How can your business capitalize on this relatively new trend? As you begin to develop or redevelop your current mobile coupon strategy, consider the keys to success outlined below. Create Mobile-Friendly Coupons– There are three basic mobile coupon formats; text, […]

Mobile Marketing- Should you Design an App or a Website?

Millions of consumers view programming, click on advertisements, read emails and interact with businesses through their mobile devices every day around the world. Options for reaching consumers on their mobile devices are expanding and becoming more affordable for businesses of all sizes. Within the mobile marketing niche, two engaging options are worth considering; mobile apps […]