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3 Statistics That Will Change How You Think About Mobile Engagement

You want to engage your mobile visitors.  After all, engagement leads to sales, new customers and, of course, a boost in revenue.  Mobile is more important than ever, as every year more Internet users are dependent upon mobile for how they experience the web.  In this article, we will look at 3 statistics that will change how you approach mobile. 

Eye Opening Mobile Statistic One-Mobile Users are Searching

Our first startling mobile statistic comes from Forrester Research.  According to 2013 Forrester Research report, a whopping 89% of consumers are using search engines on their mobile devices.  It is essential that mobile users are able to first find your website while searching and secondly that your site has a clear call to action.  Mobile users are heavy search users, and that means you want them to be able to find you.

Once a mobile user is on your website, the next step is to make sure that your site is properly optimized.  Easy to use websites that load quickly will yield vastly superior results to sites that don’t take such factors into consideration.  One of the single easiest and most cost effective ways to get a leg up over the competition is to simply take steps so that your website loads more quickly than that of your competitors.  A quick loading mobile website with a strong call to action is your best mobile marketing friend! 

Eye Opening Mobile Statistic Two-Mobile Phones are Shopping Tools

According to the ad agency Moosylvania, 80% of mobile users want to have product information that has been optimized for mobile.  This underscores the tremendous importance of mobile marketing, as those using mobile devices are likely to make a purchase.  64% of mobile users actually use their devices to shop online.  You can also be quite certain that your competition is aware of the importance of mobile!  Mobile is massive and growing very rapidly.  The numbers simply do not lie.

Eye Opening Mobile Statistic Three-Lots and Lots of Mobile Users

It is no joke that there are plenty of mobile users and that they are very active.  A 2013 report from International Telecommunication Union concluded, rather shockingly, that there are 6.8 billion, yes with a “b”, mobile subscriptions worldwide.  Clearly, this means that many people have multiple devices and subscriptions.  The bottom line is that you can’t overlook mobile.  Click this link to check out the report-

Overlook Mobile at Your Own Peril

Let’s face it; overlooking mobile will harm your business.  The users you will encounter are highly engaged, and use their devices to research and make purchasing decisions.  That means your business must be both easy to find on the web and utilize an easy to navigate website that has a clear marketing message and call to action. 

Mobile is growing in importance.  A lack of a mobile strategy is, to be blunt, a lack of strategy period.  Mobile marketing has never been more important to your business.

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