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What Should We Expect from Marketing Trends this Year?

Marketing trends are like every other aspect of industry in that evolution is all but guaranteed.  Looking ahead we can expect to see some very interesting steps forward.  In this article we will explore how marketing trends are set to evolve and develop throughout 2015.

Marketing Trend Number One-Engaging Content

At the top of the list of what you can expect in 2015 is content that is more engaging.  It has become more and more difficult to not just catch people’s attention but also keep it.  In the “old days” the bulk of people’s media attention was focused on a comparatively narrow blend of print, television and radio; however, those days are long gone.  Today, the ways that marketers have to reach consumers is staggeringly diverse by comparison but so is the complexity, competition and difficult as well.  In 2015 one key marketing trend will be more engaging content that depends on skilled storytelling.  It is no accident that companies are hiring professional writers to help them tell their stories and in the process compete.

Marketing Trend Number Two-Real Time Marketing

Real time marketing anyone?  One of the big marketing trends we expect to see in 2015 is real time marketing via Twitter.  The old days of marketing messaging tying into current events through Twitter and other social media tools is over and will be replaced by not just tying into current events but tying into them as they occur.  This is a bold difference and is also intertwined with our first marketing trend, namely to provide engaging content.

Marketing Trend Number Three-Web Optimized

According to Forrester, 1 in 5 sales will result from mobile devices in 2020.  That number is nothing short of staggering and is worthy of reflection.  Just how attached and dependent are people on their mobile devices?  20% of all sales is a massive number and that is exactly where mobile is expected to be in roughly just 5 years.  In 2015 web optimization for mobile is going to be red hot as companies begin to jockey for position in the growing and dynamic mobile market.

Marketing Trend Number Four-Paying for Social Media Ads

Another key 2015 marketing trend is that there is a growing need to pay for social media ads.  Facebook ads, Twitter ads and others will start seeing bigger and bigger marketing revenues.  Facebook won’t show your posts unless you pay.  Additionally, it is important to remember that there has been a whopping 44% decline in non-sponsored brand content in users’ newsfeeds.  The times are definitely changing.

Marketing Trend Number Five-Bigger, Bold Graphics, Videos and Infographics

Slick graphics, infographic and explainer videos are also poised to be quite hot in 2015.  Part of effectively reaching customers in 2015 will be providing them with polished graphics, videos and infographics that are not just appealing but also information rich. 

Together these five trends are pointing the way for what we can expect in 2015.  Those looking to stay competitive and get the edge over the competition will want to keep these five points firmly in mind in 2015 and beyond.




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