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Mobile Marketing

10 Tips for Locating Customers Using Mobile Marketing

Today, nearly every consumer carries one or more hand held mobile devices with them throughout their day. To connect with these end consumers, businesses need to employ mobile marketing campaigns that engage and inspire these individuals to take action. But first, businesses must locate their target consumers.

Here are 10 tips for locating consumers using mobile marketing strategies:

1. Create an Opt-in Text Messaging List- As your customers and prospects to opt-in to your text messaging list. Periodically push promotional content to your text messaging database.

2. Use Multi Media Messaging (MMS)- In addition to simple text messages, send out multi-media messages; video, photographs. Diverse messaging captures the attention of a broader consumer audience.

3. Cater Emails to Mobile Users- Many consumers read and react to email messages now from their mobile devices rather than their laptops or desktops. To capture the attention of these consumers, your email marketing campaigns must cater to mobile users. Embed mobile friendly actions such as the option to click phone numbers directly instead of including hyperlinks. And, when offering promotions or discounts, create email coupons that can be scanned and utilized at the retail point of sale.

4. Embrace Mobile Search- On-the-go consumers often search online via their mobile devices for nearby products, services or establishments. To pull consumers to your place of business, include mobile-friendly maps or directions on your website. And, offer incentives to consumers for checking in at your physical location; i.e. 10% off, free appetizer, and other mobile specific promotions.

5. Include QR Codes- Encourage mobile visitors to click on your website’s URL by including mobile barcodes known as Quick Responses, or QR codes. These codes can be embedded into your online marketing efforts, ultimately pushing consumers to your company’s site.

6. Create Mobile Apps- List your organization’s Apps in popular app stores in addition to offering them on your primary website. Marketing messages can then be loaded and sent via the Apps directly.

7. Cross Pollenate Campaigns- Provide links to videos, images and direct downloads via barcodes that can be easily accessed using a mobile device.

8. Utilize Mobile Advertising- Place ads on mobile sites, including e-versions of newsletters and magazines.

9. Back-Up Campaigns with Voice- When consumers contact your organization, be sure that they are greeted with either a live customer service agent or a sophisticated voice prompt service.

10. Integrate Mobile Capabilities- Engage customers by encouraging the use of mobile capabilities; i.e. launch a contest whereby customers can email/text product pictures

Partner with a service provider that enables you to send out automatic messaging to your prospect and customer bases at regular intervals. In addition to sending messages, these service providers offer tracking analytics that will help your organization decipher which campaigns are successful and which are not.

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