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Social Media Marketing

Going Beyond Twitter’s Basics

The social media marketing platform Twitter has revolutionized the way businesses can reach customers online. To energize your current Twitter strategy, consider incorporating one or more of the strategies below into your marketing campaign.

Personalized Posts

Create posts with a personalized rather than scripted tone. While some generic posting can prove positive results, your followers will grow dismayed if all posts from your organization seem ‘canned’. When possible, post quotes or speech excerpts from key organizational leaders. Give your organization personality; connect your followers with business leaders. And when possible, provide methods for ongoing interaction with customers online.

Connect Offline

To drive customers to your business, be sure to post Twitter exclusive promotions, discounts and deals on occasion, providing a promotional code to utilize for internal tracking purposes. For service businesses, consider setting up keyword alerts to let your operations or sales team know when potential local opportunities arise. For example, if you own a towing service, utilize a zip code based keyword search service to notify you when local residents post Tweets referencing ‘flat tires’ or ‘broken down on the side of the road’, etc. These targeted alerts may enable your business to capitalize on local revenue opportunities.

Stay Current

Consider responding to top news stories or events in pop media. Tweet about current topics to help your brand stay current. But, avoid utilizing re-tweets and current news topics to directly promote your brand’s products and services. Rather, offer meaningful commentary about relevant trends, topics and when possible, industry specific information.

Host Twitter Events

Use Twitter to interact with your customer base in a live capacity. For example, offer live question and answer sessions, bring in guest speakers or experts from your industry, or schedule a regular monthly session with your company’s CEO. Be creative with these sessions. Schedule the times in advance. Promote the dates, times and topics not only within your Twitter newsfeed, but across all of your business’s social media platforms.

Use Mixed Media

In addition to traditional Twitter posts, consider video clips, external article links, and photographs. For added fun, engage your customer base. Offer the opportunity for customers to enter in a brand relevant contest; ask for ideas, new branding concepts, new product or service ideas and general improvement concepts. Ask your customers to post their ideas to your Twitter feed and award winners.

Twitter, when utilized correctly, has the capacity to incrementally boost your business’s revenues. Vary your posts, post often and be sure to have fun with the process.

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