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Author Archives: Leslie Chapman

Leslie has worked as a digital analyst for over five years. She enjoys writing about many business marketing topics especially those impacting the SMB market.
How to Turn ‘Likes’ Into Leads

Congratulations! Tons of people like your business on Facebook! Well…so what; how do you turn these likes into leads? And, how ultimately can you turn leads into paying customers? After all, as a business owner, this is the end goal isn’t it!? If your ‘likes’ are merely hitting the button when you post blogs, articles […]

Getting The Best Leads

Lead generation has become commonplace now within many businesses as a way of acquiring potential customers. The difference between an average customer and a high-quality one can help your profits massively though. Getting the repeat customers who return for more is always important when generating leads. There are a number of ways in which you […]

The Pros And Cons Of Email Marketing

As with every effective approach to marketing, there are a number of different factors for and against. These will be important to keep in mind when structuring your email marketing campaign for maximum efficiency. You need to take them on-board so as to be fully aware of where any pitfalls may lie before you begin. […]

Lead Generation And Charity

The ability to benefit not for profit organizations by using lead generation tactics to gather donations is something you can learn from. Using a wide-range of different skills, you can find what has worked and what hasn’t in their various campaigns. This can then be transposed to your marketing campaigns to benefit you. Gathering people’s […]

The Lead Generation Sales Funnel Defined

When marketing a business, it’s tempting to try to cast the widest net possible. After all, the more people you reach, the likelier you are to achieve success, right? That may be true at the beginning of the lead generation process, but it becomes less and less true the farther down the sales funnel people […]

Does your Business Monitor these 3 Marketing Analytics Metrics?

Is your business’s website performing at its optimal level? To gain a true sense of how your site is performing, you must monitor marketing analytics such as lead conversion rates, visitor engagement and backlinks collected. Marketing analytics programs can in some cases, overwhelm business owners and leaders with the amount of information collected. While all […]

Lead Generation – Also Called Demand Generation

Lead generation, or ‘Demand Generation’ as it’s also known to have become called, is the exciting process of marketing for any sized business. Building income, it’s designed to generate interest within the business making easier to gather the target audience you want to attract. It can be difficult finding your market, but with these simple […]

Mobile Marketing Average Conversion Rates

Mobile marketing has become more important to businesses that want to grow and change with the times.  Since more customers are adopting smartphones, mobile advertising has many more ranges today than it did even last year.  With push notifications, mobile app ads, SMS, social media and much more, the variety in mobile advertising has never […]

Best Marketing Assets for Lead Generation

Lead generation is the idea that you should create and nurture interest among those who are prospective buyers so that they might become customers in the future.  When you nurture those leads, you can turn prospective buyers into sales.  The discipline, however, has gone through changes over the years.  In the past, lead generations for […]