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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Average Conversion Rates

Mobile marketing has become more important to businesses that want to grow and change with the times.  Since more customers are adopting smartphones, mobile advertising has many more ranges today than it did even last year.  With push notifications, mobile app ads, SMS, social media and much more, the variety in mobile advertising has never been larger.

Advertisers have started to increase their digital and mobile advertising
budgets because these ads lead to higher customer conversion rates than other
types of advertising.  They are also slightly easier to calculate. 
Because of that, companies need to stay up to date on the options in terms of
the mobile marketing world.

Here are a few trends that lead to large conversion rates today within the
mobile marketing world.

1. SMS
Most of those who live in the U.S. own and operate cell phones.  Most of
those cell phones are also SMS capable.  In fact, SMS is now one of the
most popular ways in the world for people to communicate.  The rise in its
popularity is due to its simplicity and its low cost.  If you have a cell
phone, you can likely send and receive text messages without having to download
or install anything at all.  Since so many people have cell phones,
texting has taken over emailing and phone calls with ease.

The response rates that companies get to text messages are rather attractive
and that is usually due to the fact that many customers sign up with certain
companies to receive texts because they are interested in what that company has
to sell.  This helps to optimize the messages that are sent out so they
can be tailored to the right people for the highest conversion rates.

2. Mobile Sites and Apps
Companies that do mobile marketing will have to decide whether or not they want
to build mobile sites, apps, or both in the coming years.  The question
within the process is, where is the mobile world going in the future?  It
is hard to decide which direction consumers are moving in this manner and what
they will prefer in upcoming years.  With limited advertising budgets, the
conversion rates of leads into sales becomes very important.  But with the
variety of mobile devices on the market including different screen sizes and
other options, the decision becomes even more difficult.

3. Location
One thing you can get on your side without a doubt in terms of mobile marketing
is to utilize location.  Both sites and apps that somehow customize
location are better in their conversion rates than those that do not.  If
your company is located in a certain region, play to those in your area. 
If you are worldwide because of your website capabilities for sales, you need
to find a way to customize your mobile services so that anyone anywhere feels
as if you are local.

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