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Mobile Marketing Tips Every Business Should Know

Mobile marketing is growing by leaps and bounds.  As mobile devices become more capable and user friendly, our love and dependency upon them continues to grow.  The future is very bright for mobile marketing, and business that take steps today to make certain that they have a focused strategy will be rewarded tomorrow.

Mobile Marketing Tip One-Know What Your Page Looks Like on Mobile

If you have a website or blog and you don’t know what it looks like on a mobile device, then take a look as soon as you finish reading this article!  You should know what all of your sites and pages look like on mobile so that you can correct any design or functionality issues.  After all, a great website doesn’t necessary mean a great mobile site. 

Mobile Marketing Tip Two-Showtime!  Well Maybe Not… 

Don’t rush up a page optimized for mobile.  Take your time and make sure that your mobile optimized site looks good and functions well.  You only get one chance to make a first impression, and the last thing you want to do is drive people to a mobile site that has problems.

Mobile Marketing Tip Three-Share Your Content-A Lot

Once you’ve created content, be sure that you just don’t share it once.  Instead, share it across the social media landscape and repurpose your content.  Remember that this is a lot of competition for attention on every social media outlet so you have to work if you want your postings to be shared in some fashion.

Mobile Marketing Tip Four-Share Your Polished and Interesting Images

Good images always get more attention in social media and on websites.  An investment in creating quality imagery is an investment in your business.  Social media posts that have compelling and engaging images will be given more attention and shared more often.  Of course, any images that you use should be well optimized for mobile!

Mobile Marketing Tip Five-Texting Works

While there is no denying the great importance of value of using great imagery in your social media posts to attract mobile users, texting should not be overlooked.  The bottom line is that SMS text messaging is very effective.  You can use SMS text messaging to offer up daily, weekly and special deals.

Mobile Marketing Tip Six-Simple and Easy Navigation is Your Friend

It is difficult to overstate the incredible importance of having a mobile site that is simple and easy to navigate.  Users demand sites that are easy to use and quickly impart information.  Mobile marketing results depend upon simple and easy navigation. 

Mobile Marketing Tip Seven-Don’t Just Push Forward, Instead Pause to Test, Evaluate and Reset

Testing different versions of your website or a specific page and then analyzing it for results is a must.  Until you test a page and see how mobile users respond to it there is no way for you to know if approach A is superior to approach B, so test, retest and evaluate for optimal results.

These seven tips will definitely help you reach more mobile users, grab their attention and keep it.  Mobile is competitive but by creating and cultivating a savvy and well thought out plan you can edge out the competition.

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