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Why Marketers Need to Know About Apple Passbook

Apple has a way of getting attention.  Certainly no one can argue that fact considering the wide array of “hits” under the company’s belt.  Now with Apple Passbook, they have developed a way to grab the attention of consumers in a new way.  What is Passbook?  Passbook is a application in iOS that is quite handy in that it allows users to store everything from coupons to store cards and even such items as tickets and boarding passes.  Adding to Passbook’s functionality is the fact that it be used for some forms of mobile payment.  Apple is truly trying to revolutionize what can be achieved with apps with this new offering.

Passbook is Loaded with Options

The idea is that Passbook can be used to keep track of a wide range of items.  The way that consumers get “passes” in their Passbook is to scan the barcodes into the app.  Once passes have been scanned with the camera, they can be used.  Interestingly enough, passes can be synched between iOS devidces via iCloud.  The application is available through iOS 6 or later and is available for iPhone and iPod Touch.  It is important to note that Passbook is not yet available for the iPad.

Companies Across the Spectrum Are Already Using Passbook

Numerous large airlines, rail operators, movie and event ticket companies such as AMC Theaters and Ticketmaster have all signed up to use Passbook.  The versatility of Passbook is underscored by the variety of companies that are using it.  Everyone from AirBnB to rental car companies, such as Avis to Starbucks, Subway and even Walgreens are now using Passbook.   Summed up another way, Passbook is here to stay and is growing in acceptance.

You Should Get In on the Action

As a marketer, you’ll want to use Passbook as an easy way for consumers to use and redeem coupons.  Mobile coupons have obviously become really hot.  Thanks to Passbook it is possible to make using coupons easier than ever.  Third party vendors can also create passbook coupons easily so that in other words you don’t necessarily have to create a custom Passbook app.  PassSource is one way to create free iOS 6 Passbook passes. Through PassSource it is possible to create everything form Coupons to event tickets, store cards and more.

Use with iPhone Alert

Another reason that Passbook is so potentially valuable to marketers is that it can be used in conjunction with iPhone alert.  This means that when users are nearby, a notification can be sent to the iPhone alerting them to a specific deal.

Mobile Coupons and Store Cards are the Future and Passbook Will Play a Role

Mobile coupons, store cards and tickets are the future.  With Passbook, it is an easy way to step into that future.  Exploring Passbook is a low cost way to offer your mobile visitors something new, exciting and dynamic.  The novelty and enhanced functionality is sure to be a big hit!



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