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Mobile Device Marketing-5 Tips for Proper QR Code Usage

QR Codes seem to be everywhere! These are the boxy barcodes embedded in store windows, on marketing publications, on product packaging and in some cases, on television commercials. Consumers gain access to discounts and information when they scan them…..ultimately providing a business with another method of brand engagement.

Here are five simple tips for utilizing QR Codes effectively:

  1. Focus on the End-User– Avoid spamming consumers with information and discounts via their mobile devices. Rather, create relevant, purposeful, and helpful or engaging marketing campaigns that can be accessed via mobile devices. QR Codes should be easy to scan and complete for access to a relevant, valuable consumer offer.
  2. Cater to your Audience– Millions of consumers scan QR Codes with their mobile devices each year. The vast majority of those scanning codes fell between the age demographic of 25 to 34. So, be mindful when using this marketing campaign to capture incremental business. If your target age group falls outside of this range, consider including specific instructions on how to use the code; the old adage, ‘what’s in it for me?’ In doing so, you may gain additional access to a broader scope of consumers.
  3. Clarify your Marketing Objectives Prior to Launch– Make sure that each QR Code campaign has a clearly defined objective. In other words, make sure that your campaign has a point. Are you attempting to cultivate new leads? Or, are you simply attempting to re-engage a portion of your current customer base? To determine if your campaign is successful, be sure to track each QR Code independently using web-based analytics.
  4. Deliver Value– Will consumers gain access to something of value when they scan your QR Code? Your code shouldn’t simply point a consumer to your website; offer free downloads (i.e. music, Apps), discounts, VIP treatment or valuable information.
  5. Don’t Overthink Things– Your QR Code marketing campaign needs to be simple and easy. Before launching, ask yourself whether your campaign is easy to understand, offers access to information or discounts quickly and seamlessly and if the campaign itself is clearly outlined.

To initiate your QR Code campaign, consider utilizing free code generators. Popular programs include, and Simply paste your URL into the program and it will be shortened and the .gr will be added to create the needed barcode. When users scan this barcode, they will be directed to the embedded URL.

Effective QR Code usage will enable your organization to engage a broader group of potential customers, to re-engage current customers and to ultimately drive revenues. Consider the tips outlined above as you create, launch, track and perfect your QR Code marketing campaign.

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