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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing- Go Beyond Text Messages

As more and more consumers access information, shopping price comparisons and complete transactions using their mobile devices, it has become increasingly important for businesses to become and remain visible in this new marketing space. While mobile marketing initially meant text message ads, a wide range of technological options are available today for businesses to market directly to consumers using this medium. When designing and launching your business’s mobile marketing plan, it is time to go beyond text messaging.

Here are 4 ways your business can send its marketing messages mobile:

  1. Mobile Websites- How does your current website look and function when a consumer attempts to access it via their mobile device? Ensuring functionality and appearance of your website when accessed via a mobile device is the single most important step to take when enhancing your mobile marketing strategies. Test your mobile website across multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry as coding differences between them may cause your site not to display or function properly across all networks.
  2. Create Location Based Apps- These apps enable your business to geo-target consumers by leveraging the GPS technology embedded in many mobile devices. An increasing number of consumers are ‘checking in’ on sites such as Facebook, Foursquare and Yelp when visiting locations, in many cases hoping to receive discounts or promotions in return. To capitalize on this consumer behavior, make sure that your business is listed on each of these popular sites. Offer discounts and promotions that can be cashed-in on the spot. And, offer incentives in exchange for customers leaving reviews. If mobile gaming is relevant to your business, consider partnering with the brand Gowalla.
  3. Launch a Personalized Mobile App- If your business offers new content on a regular basis or provides functions that consumers could utilize regularly, consider creating and launching your own mobile application. The cost to design, create and launch a customized mobile app ranges from a few hundred dollars to $10,000+, depending upon the app’s sophistication level and overall functionality. However, a wisely placed investment could create incremental sales for your business through online purchases and increased foot traffic (if you have a brick and mortar business). When designing a custom mobile app, keep in mind that it must meet your customers’ needs, be in alignment with your brand’s messaging and help accomplish your business’s goals.
  4. Use Quick Response Codes (QR Codes)- The black and white boxy looking bar codes could provide yet another way to generate incremental revenue for your business. Offer discounts for customers who opt-into your email or text marketing lists by scanning a code in-location. Embed the codes into printed marketing materials. When a consumer scans these bar-codes, they are often directed to a mobile website where information can be collected. As these codes capture digital information, it is simple and easy for a business to calculate the ROI for this marketing initiative. Consider platforms such as iCandy or ScanLife for creating free barcodes. Or, search online or in your local area for firms that can partner with you to create a variety of QR Codes to meet your specific marketing needs.

These mobile marketing techniques, when added to traditional methods such as text messaging, can work to drive consumer traffic to your primary site or storefront where transactions can be completed, engagement can occur and lead information can be collected.

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