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Mobile Marketing

How to Convert Sales Using Mobile Marketing Techniques

Virtually all consumers carry some form of mobile device with them throughout their days; mobile phone, smart phone or tablet. When designing a mobile marketing plan for your business, first consider all of the available methods in which your organization can interact with potential customers; advertisements, web browsing, navigation, coupons/promotions/discount searches and price comparisons (prior to and during shopping trips).

Once you understand when consumers may access information about your business from their mobile device, you can design marketing campaigns designed to convert these prospects into paying customers.

  • Easy Mobile Commerce– If a consumer has already pre-determined what they intend to purchase, when they land on your website, it is critical that they can complete a mobile commerce transaction easily. Faulty hyperlinks, slow download speeds and hard to reach payment screens will surely turn customers away. Test your current systems using a variety of mobile devices to ensure that the end-customer experience is seamless.
  • Promote Mobile Discounts– Offer point-of-sale discounts and promotions for customers who select to opt-in to a newsletter or email list service. You can also offer text only coupons and discounts to customers who text a certain promotional code to a unique short code phone number (generally 5-6 digits). Once the customer enters in some basic contact information, a mobile coupon will be provided instantly via text.
  • Drip Market your Prospect List– If a customer isn’t prepared to complete a transaction today, they may be tomorrow. In order to catch consumers at precisely the right buying moment, it is essential for your business’s brand to remain visible. Ask prospects and customers to join your text message or email list, to ‘Like’ you on Facebook, or to ‘Follow’ you on Twitter. Offer regular promotions, discounts and special events for those consumers that have joined your list. Exclusive offers gain better traction than those offered to the masses. Embed unique tracking codes for each offer to determine the overall return on investment or traction gained from each.
  • Encourage Sharing– Special promotions or giveaways for customers who share information or a photo via their social media accounts can be a great way to reach a broader prospect audience. You could also offer a discount for customers who elect to participate in a satisfaction survey following the completion of a purchase. And finally, discounts that can be shared with friends often work to encourage sharing. In today’s digital age, you want to do as many things possible to gain attention from not only your current list of prospects and customers, but new leads.

 Gathering new leads is only part of the online sales game! You must actively work to capture the attention of current customers and new leads in addition to focusing on marketing campaigns that convert those individuals into paying customers. In addition to implementing the ideas above, track results from each campaign your organization launches, tweak those that are not yielding results, and keep striving to develop new ideas and concepts that will keep consumers connected with your business.

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