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Category Archives: Social Media Marketing

5 Quick and Effective Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media has an amazing amount of diverse benefits.  It can jumpstart your profits and help you gain access to a global audience that would have often never heard of your business otherwise.  The benefits of social media are immense, but only if you navigate social media and use the tools effectively.  Here are a […]

Content Marketing: How to Generate Warm Leads

Social media isn’t going away.  No one questions whether or not social media is an experiment.  In the last decades, it has emerged as more than a fact of life and has become a major player on the global stage.  Social media has played a role, often of shocking size, in not just social life […]

Building Strong Daily Social Media Habits

As a business owner or leader, managing your social media platform profiles effectively can initially seem overwhelming. Organizing and developing posts, responding to comments or direct emails/requests and generally exploring each platform for marketing opportunities requires time; time you may not feel is available. Whether you manage your social media marketing campaign independently or you […]

Build or Rebuild your Business’s Brand through Social Media Marketing

Whether you are establishing a new business concept or simply looking to give your current one a boost, social media marketing may have the magic you need. While email marketing certainly has its place in an organization’s overall online marketing campaign, the game continues to change. Even establishing social media profiles isn’t enough to remain […]

Designing Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Mobile Devices

Today, the vast majority of consumers interact with brands via their mobile devices. Businesses looking to remain competitive must not only be accessible via mobile platforms, but cater to the end-users looking to access information using their hand held devices. Here are 5 easy tips for optimizing your social media content for mobile devices: Be […]

Going Beyond Twitter’s Basics

The social media marketing platform Twitter has revolutionized the way businesses can reach customers online. To energize your current Twitter strategy, consider incorporating one or more of the strategies below into your marketing campaign. Personalized Posts Create posts with a personalized rather than scripted tone. While some generic posting can prove positive results, your followers […]

How to Turn ‘Likes’ Into Leads

Congratulations! Tons of people like your business on Facebook! Well…so what; how do you turn these likes into leads? And, how ultimately can you turn leads into paying customers? After all, as a business owner, this is the end goal isn’t it!? If your ‘likes’ are merely hitting the button when you post blogs, articles […]

Do your Social Media Posts Annoy or Engage?

Social media platforms provide an amazing opportunity for businesses to engage with consumers. However, posts intended to engage prospects may intend to the opposite. If your social media efforts are annoying prospects and your current customers, you run the risk of losing business. Are your Posts Annoying? Some posts will annoy a pocket of the […]

5 Social Media Marketing Best Practices for Newbie Entrepreneurs

If you are launching a new business venture, social media is a great place to focus your initial marketing efforts. Social media is a cost effective, dynamic marketing solution that yields results for all types of businesses. Consider these 5 strategies when developing and launching your social media marketing plan: Develop a Plan– What social […]

Using Pinterest’s Marketing Analytics

Until recently, the world’s third largest social network didn’t offer what many businesses were seeking- marketing analytics specific to the platform. Now, businesses using the platform for connecting with consumers and for marketing purposes can gather and analyze critical metrics for online activity.  What is Pinterest? What is Pinterest? It is a platform that enables […]