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3 Statistics That Will Change How You Think About Mobile Engagement

You want to engage your mobile visitors.  After all, engagement leads to sales, new customers and, of course, a boost in revenue.  Mobile is more important than ever, as every year more Internet users are dependent upon mobile for how they experience the web.  In this article, we will look at 3 statistics that will […]

What Should We Expect from Marketing Trends this Year?

Marketing trends are like every other aspect of industry in that evolution is all but guaranteed.  Looking ahead we can expect to see some very interesting steps forward.  In this article we will explore how marketing trends are set to evolve and develop throughout 2015. Marketing Trend Number One-Engaging Content At the top of the […]

Seasonal Marketing Programs: Pros and Cons

We all realize that owning a business comes with a seemingly endless stream of decisions.  Determining an overall strategy to marketing is, of course, at the top of the list of decisions that any business must make.  For example, in recent years, a big marketing trend has been a focus on Cyber Monday.  A great […]

Mobile Marketing Tips Every Business Should Know

Mobile marketing is growing by leaps and bounds.  As mobile devices become more capable and user friendly, our love and dependency upon them continues to grow.  The future is very bright for mobile marketing, and business that take steps today to make certain that they have a focused strategy will be rewarded tomorrow. Mobile Marketing […]

Is Your Content Optimized for Mobile?

Not mobilizing your content for mobile in this day and age is a marketing sin!  The number of people worldwide with mobile phones is skyrocketing, but that is only part of the story.  According to Forrester, by 2020 an amazing 20% of all sales will take place on mobile devices.  Mobile isn’t just here to […]

Content Marketing: How to Generate Warm Leads

Social media isn’t going away.  No one questions whether or not social media is an experiment.  In the last decades, it has emerged as more than a fact of life and has become a major player on the global stage.  Social media has played a role, often of shocking size, in not just social life […]

How to Create a Sure-Fire Content Strategy

How marketing messages reach people have changed.  As a result, it is vital that marketers understand the critical importance of adapting to a new and rapidly evolving marketing reality.  A variety of technologies are intersecting, and with this change comes both new ways of interacting with content and new opportunities.  Mobile is altering how people […]

Making Your Content More Interactive

Interactive is not a buzzword.  There was a time, not that long ago, where people thought interactivity was “overrated” and a even a fad.  Recent years and developments have clearly shown that interactivity isn’t just a part or aspect of the future of marketing, but is, in fact, an integral, evolving and enduring part of […]

How Marketing Analytics Can Help Your Business

Every business needs to make itself heard, regardless of its size, and this is where marketing comes into practice. Finding the right approach, therefore, is essential when looking to promote your venture to a wider audience. A better campaign means more customers and, ultimately, more profit. This needs to be actualized though, which means getting […]

Why Marketers Need to Know About Apple Passbook

Apple has a way of getting attention.  Certainly no one can argue that fact considering the wide array of “hits” under the company’s belt.  Now with Apple Passbook, they have developed a way to grab the attention of consumers in a new way.  What is Passbook?  Passbook is a application in iOS that is quite […]

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