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Author Archives: Melissa O'Sullivan

Melissa has worked in digital marketing for over 15 years. She cut her teeth in the CSE models for various retailers and now spends most of her time building great brand development programs across social media. Melissa has been a contributor to since 2011.
Designing Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Mobile Devices

Today, the vast majority of consumers interact with brands via their mobile devices. Businesses looking to remain competitive must not only be accessible via mobile platforms, but cater to the end-users looking to access information using their hand held devices. Here are 5 easy tips for optimizing your social media content for mobile devices: Be […]

10 Tips for Locating Customers Using Mobile Marketing

Today, nearly every consumer carries one or more hand held mobile devices with them throughout their day. To connect with these end consumers, businesses need to employ mobile marketing campaigns that engage and inspire these individuals to take action. But first, businesses must locate their target consumers. Here are 10 tips for locating consumers using […]

Why Marketers Need to Know About Apple Passbook

Apple has a way of getting attention.  Certainly no one can argue that fact considering the wide array of “hits” under the company’s belt.  Now with Apple Passbook, they have developed a way to grab the attention of consumers in a new way.  What is Passbook?  Passbook is a application in iOS that is quite […]

Join Pinterest to Boost your Business’s Online Presence

While numerous social media platforms make launch attempts every year, only a few become mainstream business tools. One that has recently hit the ground running is Pinterest. If your business hasn’t yet embraced this platform as part of its larger social media marketing campaign; it is time! You may initially be thinking; great, yet another […]

Mobile Device Marketing-5 Tips for Proper QR Code Usage

QR Codes seem to be everywhere! These are the boxy barcodes embedded in store windows, on marketing publications, on product packaging and in some cases, on television commercials. Consumers gain access to discounts and information when they scan them…..ultimately providing a business with another method of brand engagement. Here are five simple tips for utilizing […]

Mobile Marketing- Should you Design an App or a Website?

Millions of consumers view programming, click on advertisements, read emails and interact with businesses through their mobile devices every day around the world. Options for reaching consumers on their mobile devices are expanding and becoming more affordable for businesses of all sizes. Within the mobile marketing niche, two engaging options are worth considering; mobile apps […]

Mobile Marketing- Go Beyond Text Messages

As more and more consumers access information, shopping price comparisons and complete transactions using their mobile devices, it has become increasingly important for businesses to become and remain visible in this new marketing space. While mobile marketing initially meant text message ads, a wide range of technological options are available today for businesses to market […]

Generating Leads Using Search Engines

Getting to the top of the search engine listings can be a struggle, especially when everyone else is trying to do the same. It can make all the difference, though, when acquiring those leads for higher profits. That’s why there are many tricks and tactics used to increase your ranking that are best to learn. […]

How to Convert Sales Using Mobile Marketing Techniques

Virtually all consumers carry some form of mobile device with them throughout their days; mobile phone, smart phone or tablet. When designing a mobile marketing plan for your business, first consider all of the available methods in which your organization can interact with potential customers; advertisements, web browsing, navigation, coupons/promotions/discount searches and price comparisons (prior […]