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B2B Marketing

Why Does Digital Marketing Matter for B2B?

Digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing and web marketing are all phrases that encompass the new era of attracting customers via the Internet. At its core, digital marketing is very similar to the traditional techniques B2B organizations are currently leveraging. Some of the most commonly utilized techniques include email, websites, podcasts and videos, social media, blogs, mobile phones and tablets. The biggest difference with these techniques is the manner in which the marketing messages are transmitted.

According to a recent survey by Marketing Sherpa, nearly 71% of all B2B purchases began online. But, if you aren’t convinced that you need to dive in, let’s examine some of the top reasons that digital marketing matters for B2B.

Digital Marketing Keeps your Organization Competitive

If you aren’t convinced that digital marketing is right for your organization, keep these two thoughts in mind- your competitors are leveraging these techniques and your customers expect it. According to Foster Research, 91% of business buyers read blogs, watch videos and engage in some sort of social media. In sort, your target buyers are part of the online community- are you?

Digital Marketing is Becoming Commonplace

In order to remain competitive within your business’s niche, you need to leverage digital marketing techniques. Even though B2B organizations have been slower to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon, leaders are investing a greater percentage of their marketing dollars into these techniques.

Digital Marketing Improves Customer Relationships

Digital marketing works in a way that traditional techniques cannot. Digital marketing enables organizations to establish direct connections with their target audience. This is particularly valuable within the B2B market where the target audience is generally smaller and more easily influenced.

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, organizations seeking to take the lead within their respective industries must not only embrace digital marketing techniques in general, but allocate more of their annual budgets to the many forms available. Digital marketing should be added to traditional techniques already being leveraged by the B2B organization. In fact, many businesses don’t reduce their current techniques, but simply add to them.

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