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Social Media Marketing

Ten Tips for Maximizing Facebook Engagement

Not all Facebook posts are created equal! Some posts gain rapid response from followers, while others simply go unnoticed. If the end goal is to generate customer engagement, ultimately resulting in increased revenues, how can you create Facebook posts that encourage followers and fans to take action?

Consider the following 10 tips when seeking to maximize Facebook engagement:

    1.)    Include Images– Faces possess the power to capture a reader’s attention, as part of human nature is to seek connection with others. Include photographs including faces in your Facebook posts when possible; take advantage of this most basic human instinct to connect with others.

    2.)    Create Competition– Offer something of value to your followers/friends in return for them taking a requested action; signing up for an email list, opting in for your newsletter or for taking a survey. Always think about your core audience when selecting the type of contest and what you are offering as a giveaway; if it isn’t perceived as valuable, you won’t elicit the type of response you are seeking.

    3.)    Facebook Exclusive Discounts– Post discounts, promotions or VIP experiences to your Facebook account’s fans.

    4.)    Poll your Audience- When created correctly, polls can engage others. Get people involved with your brand; ask for feedback and opinions whenever possible.

    5.)    Curate Content– Share your content with others; not everyone has time to develop fresh, innovative content. Become a thought leader in your industry by sharing ideas, concepts, and information with others.

    6.)    Involve Leadership– Offer webinar Q&A sessions with your business’s top leaders. Post commentary about the company’s progress year-to-date. Let your audience see beneath the hood so to speak with regard to your company’s leadership team.

    7.)    Offer Variation– Posts should not be monotonous; offer your Followers and Fans variety. Post pictures, videos, links to authority article and blog pieces, original content, quotes, industry news updates, internal company information and promotions, discounts or VIP experiences. Offering a variety of content will engage a larger proportion of your current leads list.

    8.)    Timing– Vary when your posts appear on Facebook. While statistics can suggest strongly when your target audience is most likely to see posts in their newsfeeds, it is still advised to post throughout the day, albeit at a slower rate to cast the widest lead gathering net possible.

    9.)     Engage– Don’t just post your own content, comment and engage with others on the platform. Respond to comments. Leave your own comments. Start conversations.

    10.)    Listen– Take and accept feedback when offered. Listen to what people are saying about your business online; feel the pulse of your brand online. People want to feel heard….so make sure that your business is one that listens.

Take these ten tips into consideration as you proactively work to engage your audience on Facebook, still considered the largest, most powerful social media network for businesses of all kinds to leverage for growth.


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