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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Advertising Conversion Rates

When you place ads using Facebook, you might wonder what the conversion rates to sales might be.  Even if you have a goal in mind, what are good conversion rates for such ads?  The conversion of an add placed on Facebook can be seen when a visitor clicks on the add and then does what the ad asks.  That action is different depending on the business and what they are advertising.  It might be the sale of a product, signing up for a newsletter, making a donation, or any number of other things.

In order to get the conversion rate from a Facebook add, you will need to divide the number of actions with the amount of people who clicked on the add.  This will give you an overall conversion rate or percentage.  Once you have that number in your hand, you might start to wonder if it is a good rate or what a good rate really looks like.

Good Conversion Rates

It is hard to determine a good conversion rate because they vary based on a number of different things.  Some businesses have great rates because they simply work well on social networks.  These businesses might fit in well with the mindset of people who are online.  Others might not be quite as successful simply because they do not work as well in the online world.  The best way to see how your ad is performing is to look at it based on your particular field.  You will need to know how other ads similar to yours do in order to compare notes and analyze numbers.

Conversion rates also depend quite a bit on how high your ad is in quality.  If you have a well-written ad with great copy and a good picture or image, your ad will do better in terms of conversion rates.  Bad ads will never get good rates even if there is a lot of action in your particular field.

You can also heighten your rates by simply targeting your ad to the right people.  You will want to have a target demographic and find a way to reach those people in order to get customers who will click through the ad and then follow through on the action you desire.  The best way to do that is to test different demographics and see where you fit in the best.

When it comes to using Facebook for advertising, keep in mind that though you are using it for your business, conversation with your customers is really the most important aspect.  If you can find a way to engage possible customers, you will likely get better conversion rates than you expected.  There are a number of ways to do that through an ad and if you can find one that works for you, your conversion rates will likely soar.

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