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Email Marketing

Content Marketing via Email

When you organize a paper campaign to be sent out in the mail, you want everything to be planned out in a flawless manner.  When you think about your email campaign, you need to understand that the content you deliver in this way should be just as flawless.  Just because emails are cheap and easy to send out does not mean you should put any less thought into them.  If you are falling short of meeting your email marketing objectives, the content may very well be where you are lacking.  Here are some content marketing ideas to help you get the right strategy in line for your next email campaign.

-Tap into staff
Many times you want to hear what your customers think about your products and services, but one of your greatest resources might be your staff members.  You have a whole host of people on the front lines of your marketing and they get quite a bit of feedback from a number of different sources.  Train them in a way that will help them father that feedback so you can get value from it.  Then, use the feedback in your next content campaign.

-Focus on up selling or cross selling current customers
Instead of going after a whole new group of people, ask your current customers to buy more items or more services.  In order to generate interest, you can offer some promotions, contests, videos, pictures and other items to start buzz around your brand.  You can them allocate resources for launches to those who are currently interested in what you have to offer.  With any luck, news will spread to their friends and family members as well and help you gather even more customers in the long run.

-Have an about us campaign
If you want your customers to know more about your company and what you do, develop a campaign that gives them information about your company through your content marketing.  You know the general persona of your customers, now it is time for your customers to understand the general persona of your company.  Create a profile to demonstrate how your business operates and you can even have fun with some of the customizations you create.

-Refine keywords
One of the biggest struggles of any marketing campaign is finding the right keywords.  You will want your keywords to make sense within your business plan and those words might change as time goes by.  Do not simply use the same keywords you have always used because they have worked in the past.  At some point, they may simply stop working and you want to be ahead of the game instead of behind.  Find a way to use the right keywords in your calls to action and you will have more success with your overall email content marketing campaigns.

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