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Email Marketing

Email for Brand Engagement

If you want to get news about your specific brand out there, marketing on the internet is a great thing to consider.  You can use a number of different outlets and email is just one such way.  When you channel your brand awareness in a variety of places and ways, you can create brand engagement that will help carry your business over to success.  Here are a few ways to increase the impact you have on your brand engagement through your email campaigns.

-Use Photos
When a customer or another business gets an email from you with a bunch of words, they may or may not read the email.  Photos, on the other hand, are easy to look at and can simply draw your target audience into your email.  It will take you a little more thought and effort to take a photo to include with your email, but you will get a much better response to your emails if you do.

-Stay on Topic
When you send an email with a special message about your brand, you should stick to one topic about the brand.  You should also refer to things that might be coming up such as holidays or other important events.  Topical emails can hint about the brand while showing what good it will do for a specific event that happens to be coming up.  These types of emails seem more personal and not as much like fully scripted promotional emails.

When customers get emails about your brand, they expect them to be promotional.  They might even enjoy the emails if they already like your brand or they might at least appreciate being able to learn more about your brand.  If you try to hide your message too much, the emails will be too veiled and will not do any good.

If you have a great brand and you know it, you want your emails to brag on that fact a little bit.  If you have success stories, awards, or other items of praise you might want others to know about, don’t hesitate to share them.  Your positive self-identity will begin to shine through the achievements the brand has accomplished.

You will want your emails to contain information that has value so that your fans can learn more about the brand on a regular basis.  You can enrich and educate as well as entertain those who use your brand and possibly even convert non-users into users based on the things they read.  Try to make the education fun and relate it to items that you know are likely important to your customers.

-Make the Brand Human
Put as much emotion into the communication about the brand as possible.  Fans often like watching a brand express emotions that are more human.  This is not an easy thing to do, but it can be rather entertaining and fun for fans when you are able to pull it off.

The best thing you can do for your brand is to engage customers and email is a great place to start.

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