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Email Marketing

B2B Email Marketing

B2B or Business to Business email marketing can really help your business grow and evolve.  You will need the right content and you will have plenty of other challenges to meet and consider, but once you have a campaign going, you will likely see the results you want.  Here are a few ways to help your B2B email marketing really stand out.

First, product top quality content.  This is one of the biggest challenges you will have to face.  Your content will have to be engaging and high in quality and having enough content that is of that nature can be very hard.  You also want your content to be full of variety and sometimes, it is simply hard to cover all of the bases with the amount of staff you have available.  Try to spread your content across various formats and curate some great customer letters through the positive feedback you have received.  See what was popular in past content marketing campaigns and re-use some of those old ideas as well.

Second, use marketing tactics that work in other areas to secure a good B2B email marketing scheme.   You will need to evaluate your overall budget and see how many tactics you can take on in one year.  The more tactics you use, the more audience members you will reach and the louder they will hear your voice. However, the more you use, the more it will likely cost you as well.  Take a look at what marketing schemes have worked in other areas of your business and start with those.  Once you have used all of those up, if you have more money available, try some new ones and see how they go.

Third, use social media for promotions.  Many marketers are moving their content distribution over to the social media world.  They can showcase blogs, articles, newsletters, pictures, videos, and much more.  It makes sense because most companies have a large amount of their audience on social media for personal contacts.  Since people are frequently using social media, it only makes sense to place promotional materials there to showcase your business.  In order to gather the most followers, think about where your audience hangs out the most and have a great fan page in that location.

Fourth, decide on your top marketing goal in terms of brand awareness so you do not confuse too many items.  Increased website traffic is not the overall goal of most companies that market B2B.  Instead, brand awareness is generally a high priority.  Content marketing through email can do a great deal in terms of brand awareness as well as customer acquisition.

Fifth, attempt to create most of your content in house.  You are the one who knows the most about your brand and company and you should be the one to brag about it to others.  You can outsource some of the easier content tasks, but the major campaigns should be in your own words.

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