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Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Lead Generation

Email marketing can be used in a number of different ways.  In fact, it is one of the most common forms of marketing today since it is easy, cheap, and very good at generating business and leads.  When you need more leads for your business, email marketing is a great place to start.  Here are a few tips on generating leads through the one medium that many people say they cannot live without any longer…email.

Tip#1: Blocked Images
There are some emails that simply do not pull up images.  While it is a good idea to include your logo, interesting pictures and other items, you do not want any of your critical information to be included in these graphics.  Some email readers will not pull up the images and that will leave a wide majority of your audience without the full effect of your email or newsletter.  It is wise to use images, but repeat what they say in the text so those who cannot see them will not be left out.

Tip#2: Previews
Remember to write in a preview of your emails so that your customers or potential customers can get a brief idea of what the email entails.  You need to put the most important aspect of your message into that preview so that the readers can figure out what it is you are selling in a short amount of time.  This preview needs to be interesting enough that they will then open the email and read on to get more details.  It might not be easy to do, but it is essential to generating leads.

Tip#3: Focus the Message
You will not want to try to put a variety of concepts or offers into one single email.  There are likely exceptions to the rule, but your response rate will suffer if you have too many places for the reader to split his or her attention.  Instead, use one simple class to action and tailor the email around that particular message.  You can always send another email out later with another message and call to action plan.

Tip#4: Educate
People often turn tot he internet to find out information that they do not already know.  Many times, they do not even have to surf the web for answers because they come right to their email inbox.  If those who are already interested in your business want to know more about it, the convenience of emails is too good to be true.  Make sure your information is interesting and valid.  You will also want to try to go along with things like holidays and upcoming special events so that your information is relevant as well. 

Tip#5: Happy Medium
You do not want to hammer your message home so hard that it feels like you are bludgeoning your prospects.  But at the same time, you do not want to beat around the bush either.  You need a relevant pitch that gets to the point in order to generate more leads.

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