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B2B Marketing

Tips for Migrating from Traditional Channels to Digital Channels

How do you integrate digital marketing techniques into traditional techniques your organization is currently employing? Are they supposed to supplement your current efforts or replace them? Consider the integration of digital marketing techniques as a migration to something new rather than a complete replacement.

Moving from Cold Calling to SEO Techniques

Business customers are now turning to technology to research companies, products and services as well as suppliers prior to holding face-to-face meetings or even picking up the phone for additional information. When they search online, how easy will it be to find your company?

If your website is optimized correctly (integration of targeted keywords and keyword phrases), your organization’s home page will appear more frequently in target online searches, resulting in additional page clicks and potentially leads generated. Captured leads can then be forwarded to your sales team for further follow-up.

Migrating from Trade Advertising to Web Advertising

Many B2B organizations spend a significant percentage of their annual marketing budgets on trade advertisements. And while these certainly have their place in an overall marketing plan, organizations seeking to expand into their digital marketplace may find they get more bang for their buck with web advertising. Banner ads on trade specific websites can often reach the same target audience as traditional media placed within industry-specific magazines, but at a fraction of the cost.

Migrating from Direct Mail to Email

Direct mail has long been considered as ‘the way’ to generate new leads, particularly in the B2B marketplace. However, with the rising cost of postage and reduced response rates, many organizations are seeking alternative marketing options. Email marketing can reach a broader audience at a fraction of the cost for a similar direct mail campaign. Email messages are essentially free to send, with the bulk of the cost of a campaign residing in the design. Once campaigns have been designed, they can be managed by online tools with dashboards that provide the opportunity to set the dates of each mailing. Once the initial specifications are established, the campaign essentially runs itself. Another benefit of email marketing campaigns is the ability to track conversion rates using embedded links, squeeze pages and website clicks resulting from each individual mailing.

Migrating from Print PR to Online PR

In addition to targeting free PR opportunities for newsworthy events occurring in your business, consider redirecting other efforts online. In addition to traditional trade magazines, consider posting press releases to PR focused websites, online publications and industry-related blog sites. While the general efforts are similar to a print campaign, your target audience is online.

A shift in how you think about digital marketing campaigns will help you transition your business’s efforts online. Keep in mind that you will maintain those traditional marketing techniques that are generating results, while shifting some of the more cumbersome or costly techniques to less expensive online options.

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