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Social Media Marketing

Twitter Marketing Tips for Big Business

Twitter is an invaluable marketing tool for any business aiming to reach more customers online. However, using Twitter without a plan can backfire, potentially costing you new and existing clients. Before you jump into the world of Twitter, create a strategy that will help you stay on track and market your business effectively.

Interact With Your Customers

Twitter is not a place for faceless updates that no one will bother reading. To use Twitter effectively, you need to start and maintain conversations with your followers. If a customer asks you a question about a product, respond politely and quickly. If you want to inspire your customers to talk to you, use your Twitter account to ask a question. You can also use Twitter to monitor conversations about your company or products. Don’t be afraid to join a conversation if you have something relevant to add.

Learn How to Use Hashtags

On Twitter, users take advantage of hashtags to organize their tweets. Users can search for a particular keyword, such as a new smartphone model, by using the hashtag feature. Learn how to use these hashtags in your own tweets to help people find you and your products. However, use this feature with caution; including too many hashtags in a single tweet will make your tweets look like spam to some Twitter users.

Create a Unique Look

Twitter gives you the option to customize your profile page. Take advantage of this feature to create a unique look that fits with the rest of your online brand. If you have a presence on other social media networks, use the same colors and icons to keep your brand design cohesive. If you need some ideas for your Twitter profile picture, consider using your company logo or a picture of one of your products.

Be Selective With Followers

Avoid blindly following random people on Twitter; following everyone who follows you will make you appear out of touch with your actual customers. For best results, stick to following your customers, vendors and business partners. To add a local flavor to your Twitter account, consider following businesses near your company’s physical location.

Send Users to Your Website

Although Twitter is great for talking to your customers, you should also use it to gain free advertising for your website. Whenever you make an update to your website, such as adding a new product line, advertise it on Twitter. Be sure to include the link and a useful hashtag in the tweet. Don’t forget to include a link to your website in your profile as well.

Twitter can play a key role in your online marketing efforts, especially if you learn how to use it effectively. Once you understand the basics of Twitter etiquette, you can start interacting with your customers.

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