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Lead Generation

Tips for Cultivating your Lead Pipeline

Building your business is a constant, flowing process. Building and cultivating your prospective customer base is also a continuing process. Think of your lead generating process as a pipeline. Envision a series of smaller pipes all funneling into one large central pipeline. Leads from each of the branch pipes merge and create a torrent of potential customers flooding out the end of the pipeline.

Branch Pipe #1:  Email

  • Create a program and schedule for sending emails to potential customers.
  • Select a specific topic for each email, and stick to that topic.
  • Offer something of value – for free — such as a whitepaper.
  • Include an obvious, and easy, way for the reader to request and receive additional information. Also, include an easy way for the reader to share your email – “click” buttons at the bottom of your message work well.
  • Always promise something more of value to come in future emails. Leave the reader wanting more.
  • Create interesting content for your emails, and format that content in a visually interesting manner. Use headlines, bullets or number lists, add graphics, charts or photos.

Branch Pipe #2:  Phone

  • Follow up initial contact with a personal phone call.
    • Don’t make this first call a hard sell call. Keep it friendly, personable and non-threatening.
      • “It was very nice to meet you yesterday.”
      • “Thank you for attending our meeting.”
    • Ask for their input.
      • “What did you think of  the speaker?”
      • “May I have your  website address? I would like to learn more about your company.”
    • Offer your assistance.
      • “Please contact me if there is anything I can help you with.”
    • Get their contact information, and leave yours.
      • I would like to send you a free whitepaper I think you would find interesting. May I have your email address?”

Branch Pipe #3: Blogs and Social Media

  • Establish a schedule for blog and social media postings, and be consistent in following this schedule. Make each posting interesting and entice the reader to return again and again for more.
  • Create, and stick with, a “voice” for your postings. Allow readers to become familiar and comfortable with a specific individual.
  • Follow news that affects your industry and comment on these happenings.
  • Make it easy for readers to share what you have posted.
  • Offer free downloads of whitepapers or links to non-competitive sources for additional information.
  • Encourage interaction and comments. Monitor and respond to all comments.

Branch Pipe #4:  Events

  • Attend or sponsor events related to your industry. Arrange to be an expert speaker. Become a familiar face at these events.
  • Participate in question and answers sessions. Never be confrontational, be the voice of reason.
  • Network with everyone at  these events. Hand out business cards, collect business cards, shake hands, introduce yourself, and smile at everyone!

By building the flow of leads through these branch pipes, you create a flood of potential customers in your pipeline. Each of these branches not only adds to your main pipeline, but also will increase the flow into the other branch pipes. Keep cultivating your leads and your pipeline will continue to flow with a steady stream of people eager to buy your service or product.

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