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B2B Marketing

How to Acquire New Customers Using Digital Marketing Techniques

Acquiring new customers using digital marketing techniques involves more than simply gaining their attention or getting them to land on your corporate website. You must provide enough information to prospects to encourage them to enter into the decision making process, ultimately leading to generated sales.

Traditional marketing activities often used to move customers into the decision making process include advertising, public relations, trade shows, industry conferences and direct mail advertising. Digital marketing activities used to acquire new customers include company websites and blogs, interactive media and direct email. Digital marketing techniques can not only deliver similar results, but often at a fraction of the cost.

Website Marketing

While a great proportion of your actual sales activities will still involve actual customer contact by a sales representative, you can also generate online sales directly by directing prospects to your website using digital media techniques. Think of your corporate website as the hub of your online marketing activities. Virtually all digital marketing techniques are designed to drive people to your website. To effectively acquire new customers, your website must accomplish the following goals:

  • It must provide needed information for prospects to make purchasing decisions.
  • It must offer methods for obtaining a prospects’ contact information. After all, how else will your sales team follow up with newly generated sales leads?
  • It must offer an easy to use system for registering new accounts or processing sales.

Potential customers will search for critical information on your company website, often before contacting your organization directly. Therefore, ensuring that your site is up-to-date, easy to use and complete is important if you are seeking to generate prospects and customers using digital media techniques.

Blog Marketing

Information is powerful for encouraging prospects to enter into the buying process. Therefore, providing this information in any way possible online should be a top priority. Your corporate blog should provide comprehensive information for both prospects and customers about your products and services, warranty or customer service contact information, industry trends and statistics, and even information about your company and its key players. Post often and be sure to avoid coming across as overly promotional though.

Interactive Media

Interactive marketing offers more media mediums than simple text online, which broadens a company’s marketing appeal to a wider prospect audience. Consider incorporating both audio and video messages into your corporate website. By appealing to all senses of your target audience, you are likely to reach prospects that you wouldn’t by using traditional or online text techniques alone.

Direct Email

While emails shouldn’t be sent out to the masses, they can be used in similar fashion to direct mail campaigns for both lead generation and conversion. In addition to drip marketing to your current lead base, consider sending email campaigns to groups of target leads, in response to product/service inquiries or even in the form of a newsletter to blog subscribers. Embedded links within these emails will help drive website traffic and lead conversion up.

When added to your proven traditional marketing techniques, digital media can supplement your prospect generation and conversion activities.




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