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Email Marketing

Building Great B2B Lists for Email Marketing

Every marketing tactic has something in common with all of the others.  It has to begin with some sort of list and that list has a huge influence over how well the marketing campaign will do.  Data is the very top of the marketing funnel, but so often it is undervalued.  In order to have a successful B2B email marketing campaign, you have to have a great list and that list comes from data and information you have gathered about other businesses that might actually be interested in what you do.

Creating a quality email list for B2B marketing starts with organization and with placing a high value on data that has some quality to it.  As a company owner, you need to shift your philosophy and lead your company in a way that will support the idea that quality data is important to your marketing.  Here are a few tips to help you gain access to a great B2B marketing list for your next email campaign.

-Gain More when you Pay More
Sometimes, you get what you pay for and when it comes to a high-quality B2B marketing list, that is certainly the case.  When you attempt to buy a list, you need to be specific about what you need and what data should be included in your list.  Try not to compile way more data than you need or you will just waste your time, but you need to know as much as you can about your ideal buyer and their overall profile.  If you don’t do those things before you buy a list, you might get a list that is very large, but very low in quality.  You do not want to bother people that have no interest in your business and you might miss a bunch of people that would be interested.

-Recognize the Ongoing Process
Compiling a list is not something you are going to do just once in your company’s lifespan.  It is an ongoing process that will continue until you no longer send out email marketing campaigns.  Once you have a good list initially, you will want to continue to gather data so you can make sure your list continuously hones itself into something you can really use.  That means making sure the list doesn’t have duplicate information, removing people that are not relevant to what you do and adding those that are really interested.

-Less is Often More
When you get a shorter list for your B2B marketing campaign, this is actually a good thing.  That means that you have honed your data down enough to get a list that is actually relevant to what you do.  Your prospects might be less, but they will be full of people who are actually interested in your business so you will actually see more results.  Focus on what is important to your business and the people that will appreciate it and your email marketing will go better, even if the list is smaller.

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