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B2B Marketing

How to Effectively Launch a PPC Campaign

An effective PPC campaign can be divided into three parts; research, implement and optimize.


  • …business goals.What are you trying to accomplish with this campaign?
    • What action do you want visitors to take after they have clicked on the ad and arrived at your website?
    • What will this action be worth to your business?
  • …target market.
    • Who specifically are you targeting with this campaign? Is it a broad group or a small group?
    • Why does this ideal customer want or need what I am offering?
    • What is my ideal customer thinking?
  • …keywords and key phrases.
    • What words and phrases do my current customers use to search for my products?
    • What are the results from keyword tool searches?
    • What logical groupings and themes can I develop from these keywords?


  • …campaign structure.
    • Divide your keywords and phrases into logical groups or themes.
    • Use between five and ten keywords for each theme.
    • Determine how many groups do you want to target at once.
  • …ad copy.
    • Using a search engine, search for each of your target keywords. Carefully read and study your competitor’s ads.
    • Compose at least two ads for each them, making them as different as possible.
    • Emphasize selling points or unique attributes.
  • …landing page perfection.
    • Clearly and succinctly, share the specific product/service your target market was searching for when they were presented with your ad.
    • Offer additional information regarding the product or service.
    • Have a “call to action” that is easy to find and complete.e.
  • …campaign settings.
    • When everything above is complete, you are ready to launch your campaign. Each search engine will have a different process, but some items will appear on each.
    • Select the languages and locations for your ad. You can select the entire world, limit it to one country, or even to one state. Do not select a country with a language you don’t speak.
    • Based on your advertising budget, determine your keyword bid amount—what you are willing to pay per click.


  • …advertising.
    • Monitor the results from your advertising.
    • Test different elements and evaluate the changes.
    • Keep watching your competitor’s advertisements for new ideas.
  • …statistics.
    • Utilize any analytical tools offered by the search engine.
    • Track response and feedback from each advertisement.
    • Be open to changing or eliminating any low-performing advertisements.
  • …bids.
    • Track and evaluate your ROI. Examine what you earn per sale, what you are paying for each click, and how many sales you need to make your desired profit.
    • Start with a low PPC bid, then determine if you can afford to increase that bid. Search engines give preferential listing to higher bidders.

A properly implemented and monitored PPC campaign can be a very effective online marketing technique.


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