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Lead Generation

Tips for Leveraging Facebook to Generate Qualified Leads

Facebook is a powerful social media site that’s currently king among competitors. Thought B2B marketers have a more difficult time connecting with clients through Facebook, this is by no means an impossible task. It simply requires a little more creativity to ignite that spark that leads to major lead generation.

Understand Your Audience

This is important in any type of marketing strategy, so you should already have a solid idea of the customer base that you’re trying to target. If your idea of your customers doesn’t extend much past their industry, however, you’re going to need to do a little digging.

With social media marketing, you’re not connecting with your clients’ businesses as a whole. You’re connecting with the individual decision makers within the business. Think about what appeals to them. Pull industry data that is relevant to their job, fast facts that are interesting, and other forms of media that will draw them in.

As you’re building your Facebook brand, you’ll have endless opportunities to continue to get to know your clients better. Ask questions, host polls, and post open-ended status updates that beg for likes or comments. These activities will all help you to hone your idea of who the customer is.

Offer Incentives

One of the best ways to generate leads is to offer something tangible in exchange for that lead information. If you establish yourself as an authority source on industry news through Facebook, you can then offer a free e-book, PDF, or newsletter that clients will be genuinely interested in reading. Simply ask for contact information in exchange for a free copy.

Within the guidelines and restrictions of Facebook, you can also offer a sweepstakes or contest. For a B2B organization, this means coming up with a creative reward, but it can be done. Entries into your contest can be obtained by providing contact information.

Manage Your Page

Many leads may come right to your site as a result of interesting information that was posted on your Facebook page. If you maintain your Facebook page well and get lots of customer interaction, you will enjoy good rankings with Facebook that keep your information toward the top of the viewer’s feed.

It’s important to understand that your visitors may only come to your actual Facebook page once. If they “like” the page from your web site or another link, they may never see your Facebook page at all. This means that you must connect with them through your updates.

Provide engaging content and link back to your site often. Offer special promotions, first looks at new products, and other exclusives that only Facebook fans can see. This will keep your clients interested. When they see something they like, you’ll get those coveted leads.

Facebook can be a tricky place for a B2B business to be, but there are definite draws. Provide your clients with something valuable to take away from your page, and you’ll build interest and loyalty one post at a time.

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