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How to Use Podcasts for B2B Marketing

Does your B2B organization currently broadcast its messages online? Content should be presented to potential customers in a variety of formats; written, audio and video to appeal to all buying senses. One form of online marketing that has become popular among B2B organizations is the podcast. A podcast is a radiobroadcast over the Internet.

Podcast Basics

Podcasts are not live streams of audio. They are downloadable audio files that can be listened to on a variety of devices; MP3, smartphones, tablets and desktops/laptops. Podcasts can cover virtually any topic imaginable, including business updates, product and service launches, product and service updates, how-to sessions and industry news/competitive analysis.  Most podcasts range in length from 10 to 30 minutes and most organizations release a podcast every week or two to remain relevant, yet not overwhelming to their target audience.

Podcasts- Technical Details

What do you need to produce a quality podcast? While the technical nature of a podcast may seem intimidating initially, all you need to produce a podcast is a computer, a microphone and recording/editing software. In terms of a microphone, you will need something more sophisticated than the one installed in your computer for sound quality purposes. Select a USB microphone that has been specifically designed for podcasts; these will generally run between $100 and $200. Some of the most popular editing software platforms are free;, audacity. If you opt for your own program, consider utilizing either Podcast Creator or RecordForAll.

Developing a Podcast Strategy

What type of podcast would be effective for your organization? What content or information should be featured? As you create your podcast strategy, keep in mind that they are not intended to function as a commercial. You can advertise your products and services in a much more subtle fashion using this approach. Stay focused on providing high quality information that ultimately provides value to your prospect or customer.

Distributing your Podcast

Develop a section of your website that is dedicated to podcasts. If you are targeting prospects, this section should be accessible to the public. If you are offering more technical or proprietary information, upload podcasts into a member only section of your site. Your most recent podcasts should be highlighted on the main page. Prior podcasts should also be available for download. You can notify your audience of recent podcasts via email, social media posts and if you are seeking to broadcast to a broader prospect base, you can consider launching via RSS feeds and even platforms such as the Apple store.

Podcasts can add another dimension to your current online marketing plan.

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