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Category Archives: Database Marketing

The Best Strategies For Using Marketing Analytics

As you structure your marketing campaign for you and your business, you need to start by planning the ideal strategy to use. With organization you should be able to create your own ideal schedule with which you can work from. Using guidelines gives your campaign a direction to focus upon. In order to manage this […]

Maximizing Your Potential With Marketing Analytics

When you embark on any sort of marketing campaign for your commercial venture, you need to be constantly finding ways of adapting and improving. The marketing process will have to be in a constant state of evolution if you want to see any sort of profit increase. This is where marketing analytics comes in as […]

How to Segment your Target Market

Target market segmentation describes the process of separating your lead base into smaller groups with similar needs. It provides organizations with a more organized format for sending specific marketing messages to targeted lead groups than the traditional mass marketed email or voicemail message.

How to Use Google for Marketing Research

At this point, people use the search engine Google so often that looking something up online is often referred to as “Googling”. In fact, Google is more than a good way to look up random information. The search engine has several tools that are quite helpful when it comes to market research. Google Labs Google […]

How to Boost Sales Forecast Accuracy

Sales forecasting has always been something of a delicate art. After all, there is only so much certainty that can be applied to the technique but increased accuracy has obvious benefits. However, there are some ways to help increase the accuracy of sales forecasting that will help tighten up the process and get the best […]

Tips for Migrating from Traditional Channels to Digital Channels

How do you integrate digital marketing techniques into traditional techniques your organization is currently employing? Are they supposed to supplement your current efforts or replace them? Consider the integration of digital marketing techniques as a migration to something new rather than a complete replacement. Moving from Cold Calling to SEO Techniques Business customers are now […]

Overview of the Digital Marketing Process Flow

A number or proven digital marketing techniques are available for a B2B organization to integrate into their portfolios. However, the B2B industry has been behind the rest of the marketplaces in adopting these strategies. Why? In part, due to misperceptions about the online world as well as a general apprehension about modifying their current marketing […]

Why Does Digital Marketing Matter for B2B?

Digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing and web marketing are all phrases that encompass the new era of attracting customers via the Internet. At its core, digital marketing is very similar to the traditional techniques B2B organizations are currently leveraging. Some of the most commonly utilized techniques include email, websites, podcasts and videos, social media, […]

CMS for Computer Programmers

As the age of the internet continues, so does the desire of individuals to post and read personal content. The popularity of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter exemplify this trend, as does the ever-growing community of blogging programs and websites. One important element to the creation of personal blogs and websites is […]

Content Marketing Quick Tips

According to research published by Junta42, leading organizations spend nearly 26% of their annual marketing budget on content marketing. To compete for online search visibility, leveraging content marketing techniques are a must! If your organization already has an established website, a blog or sends out regular email marketing messages to your prospects and/or customers, then […]