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Top 5 Ways B2B Companies can Benefit from Location Based Marketing Services

While location based marketing services are often thought of as having a consumer slant, there are numerous benefits to organizations focused on B2B sales. One of the largest values offered to businesses by location based marketing services (LBS) is data capture. LBS data can enable organizations to gather information about their prospects and customers beyond their specific brand, assuming that the permission settings are accepted. With this in mind, a number of potential marketing opportunities are up for grabs for B2B marketers willing to embrace LBS techniques and the data that can be collected about your target audience over time.

Top 5 Ways B2B Companies can Benefit from Location Based Marketing Services

With access to information about how your target audience behaves, where they frequent, and what they are buying, you can better customize your organization’s marketing techniques. Here are the top 5 ways B2B companies can benefit from location based marketing services:

  1. Partnership Potential– If you notice that your target market regularly frequents a non-competing business, there may be potential to form a marketing partnership. Consider pitching win-win marketing strategies that could result in increased sales for both organizations; Facebook promotions, coupons, discounts, etc.
  2. Sponsorships and Advertising– If your target market regularly checks in at local venues (sporting arenas, concert halls, theaters), consider sponsorships within those establishments to gain enhanced brand visibility. When you know where your audience frequents, you can make better use of your marketing budget dollars.
  3. Event Marketing– Do your contacts regularly attend certain types of events? Are they attending local conferences, seminars, or networking events? Understanding what types of events your audience prefers can help you attract more attendees to yours.
  4. Discounts and Incentives– What types of offers or discounts draw the most attention from your contacts? When you know what appeals to your potential clientele, you can develop discounts and incentives that offer similar draw. Be sure to think outside of the box; discounts and incentives don’t have to be for your products and services directly. For example, if your contacts are regular customers of a particular coffee chain daily, consider offering gift cards to that establishment in exchange for signing up for a newsletter or for a direct purchase.
  5. Lead Generation Boost– Who is checking in at your business? Who is checking in at your competition’s establishments? If these customers aren’t currently in your database, consider ways to add these leads into your active pipeline.

While direct sales may not result from your organization’s participation in location based marketing services, a variety of benefit can be derived from data collected during the process.

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