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B2B Marketing

Tips for Launching an Online PR Campaign

Does your B2B organization currently have an effective online PR program? Online platforms offer many of the same benefits as a traditional PR campaign, yet they are often less costly to launch and they reach a broader prospect base.

Who are you Influencing via Online PR Campaigns?

When putting together online PR campaigns, your goal should be to gain placement in a number of important channels, including industry websites, topic related websites, media sharing websites, industry message forums, topic related blogs, topic related Twitter and Facebook feeds as well as social bookmarking sites (i.e. Digg, StumbleUpon).

How to Influence PR Decision Makers

When reaching out to online PR decision makers, a press-kit in the mail won’t do the trick! You can reach online PR contacts using the following techniques or platforms:

  • Email
  • Blog Commentary
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

The content that you send these contacts will vary based upon their PR platform, the message that you are trying to share and your relationship. For new contacts, consider beginning your contact attempts using email, as it is a less direct, yet universally accepted format for online communication.

Tips for Launching an Online PR Campaign

When launching an online PR campaign, consider the following tips:

  • Target online publications in the same manner you would a print magazine or newspaper. Locate the contacts responsible for news in your area or industry. And, reach out to them directly via email, using a carefully crafted email subject title line. Remember; PR contacts often receive a number of similar daily email requests. Your email needs to stand out from your competition.
  • Use a variety of press release distribution platforms, including some of the most popular:,,,,,,, and
  • When targeting bloggers, personalize the pitch, offer relevant news and information and make it easy for the contact to publicize your PR piece or information. Include details, quotes and contact information in your pitch. Depending upon the news that you were seeking to get launched, you may consider including photos in your pitch as well.
  • Stock your company website’s PR room. Anything that the press may need to write a story should be included on these pages. Consider including prior press releases, product photos, product spec sheets, company brochures, logos and images in a variety of sizes and configurations, management bios and photos, your company’s background/history, press kits and information about upcoming events.

While companies will still gain value from launching traditional PR campaigns, the general movement is to online platforms. Developing campaigns intended for an online audience and utilizing the above tips will increase your opportunity for gaining successful attention from the press.

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