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Exploring Search Engine Optimization Basics

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a keyword that’s heard often in the marking industry. While the generalized definition of this term is well-understood, the finer points of good SEO are nearly impossible to pin down. To succeed, internet marking tactics need to be fluid and changeable. Social media sites that are powerful and relevant one moment can plummet at a shocking rate, just as others rise from obscurity to achieve stunning popularity.

SEO Basics

At the most basic level, search engine optimization is about reaching carefully targeted customers. No matter how big or small this customer base is, the vital goal is to reach those specific individuals that will have the greatest conversion rate for a particular industry. In an arena as vast and limitless as the internet, casting a wide net is a wasted tactic. The best SEO grabs a specific audience and makes a big impact on those select individuals.

One way to do this is to optimize a company’s web site with relevant key words and content. However, this must be done with a certain finesse, as keyword packing is frowned upon and even punished with lower rankings by the increasingly intelligent crawlers that are sent out by popular search engines like Google. A better choice is to focus first on content, adding relevant keywords later and in moderation.

Smart SEO Content

Great content will do much of the work for you. Companies cannot rely on bland information that’s filled with relevant keywords. Social media is an incredibly powerful tool that can boost page rankings immeasurably if the content is sharp, witty, or interesting enough to be a real attention grabber.

Consider how quickly a humorous meme can spread on a site like Pinterest, or the immense attention that a controversial story will garner as it spreads like wildfire across Facebook. Razor sharp content that connects on an emotional level with the user will inspire said user to share the content, thus boosting page rankings with the desired audience.

Varied Content Possibilities

Companies that focus solely on text content are missing out on a major opportunity for rich search engine optimization. The internet brings users the information they’re looking for in a variety of formats. Individuals who are looking for a multimedia experience may search specifically for videos or images. Optimizing rich media with relevant keywords can be more effective than even the best-written SEO article.

Strong SEO utilizes a diverse range of media. Consider including some or all of the following, closely optimized around a small set of carefully targeted keywords:

  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • Scientific studies
  • Controversial editorials
  • Newsletters
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • eBooks
  • Memes
  • Expert quizzes
  • Awards listings

When a variety of content forms are targeted around the right keyword set, the results are extremely powerful. Find the right niche and these SEO tactics will have interested customers pouring in with a great conversion rate for sales. Flexibility, diversity, and creativity are the keys to powerful SEO practices.

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