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B2B Marketing

Customer Experience Strategy

Generating a comprehensive customer experience strategy is the best way to distinguish one company from all the others. By focusing on customer experience, a company can effectively express what differentiates it from all of its competitors. There is a growing awareness of how important customer experience is to positive branding of a company. Therefore, organizations are constantly looking for ways to enhance their strategies.

Below are the top three current trends in customer experience strategies that work well for almost every business.

#1 – The Diversification of Communication

Customer experience can be enhanced greatly when a company opens up ways to interact with their consumer base. In addition to traditional telephone communications, email, Twitter, Facebook, live chat with representatives, blogs, online forums should be added to appeal to a younger consumer base, and to make it easier to connect with the company. The more interaction, or, really, the more positive interactions a customer has with the company, the better the customer experience.

#2 – A Broad Knowledge Base

Customers get frustrated when attempting to get support for a product or service and are met with the “don’t know” representative or representatives. Understand the most common inquiries and issues of the customer, and provide answers and solutions to employees, so that they may provide it to the customers in turn. This is one of the best ways to improve customer experience, and it is quite easy to implement. Knowledge must be consistent (provided to all employees and agents), and able to be accessed immediately (no customer wants to wait).

#3 – Enhance Employee Experience

This could be called the “triple E” rule – enhancing employee experience by recognizing their efforts and hard work, and motivating employees to perform well with rewards and appreciation will spill out to customer experience. Positive employees make positive interactions with customers. A good example of this strategy is seen with GEICO Insurance Company. At the end of each customer experience, the customer is asked to rate their representative on a five point Likert scale, with five being the best feedback a customer can give. The customer can rate the experience accordingly, and consistently high marks get employees incentives. By getting this instant feedback, the customer gets a chance to express their experiences while the employee will be rewarded for achieving a five-star rating. They will strive for those ratings, thereby enhancing customer experience.

It’s important to consider these three trending strategies as a way to enhance customer experience. If a company is not doing these things already, consider adding one or all three to what is already in place. The more comprehensive a customer experience, and the more a customer can get out of interacting with the company, the better. Diversify communication abilities for a wider demographic appeal, enhance employee experience for improved customer interactions, and give employees a broad knowledge base with quick access – these three simple techniques can greatly improve customer experience and differentiate a business over its competitors.

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